Beauty: Luxebox – Spring 2018 Reveal #beauty #beautybox #Luxebox

So, a couple of days ago I received my Spring Luxebox. I haven’t been overly pleased with them. When you receive four a year, it’s important that each one is full of stuff you can use, yourself. I’ve had too many products that don’t suit my skin-tone. Also, products a few products that were repeats.

This never used to be the case with Luxebox, so I’ve cancelled. I’m going to try Ipsy bag for a while, starting in April. Also, from the research I did, it’s rated better than many other monthly or seasonal boxes.

Anyways, here’s what I received for Luxebox Spring 2018:


1. China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners – Worth $14.00/14 mL – Color is Orangy-Brown with Shimmer — I gave this to my Mom, it suits her Autumn skin-tone well.

2. LARITZY Cosmetics Eye Pencil ( – Worth $18.00/1g (pencil) – White Shimmer — It’s a hard pencil, but a pretty color for tight lining on your bottom lid, and the corner of your eye, if you can soften it enough. So far, not much luck.

3. The Beauty Crop: GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick (@thebeautycrop) — Worth $10.00/14 mL – Deep Burgundy Red — This color was also quite brown. The photo is misleading. I gave it to a girl my Mom works with; it suits her skin-tone much better.

4. MANNAKADAR Beauty: Lash Extending Primer – $24.00/8g – White like most lash primers.

I’ve never found one I like, but I will give this a try as the formula includes proteins to strengthen hair follicles and moisturize your lashes. Sounds good to me 🙂

5. Voesh New York: Pedicure in a Box — Green Tea Pedicure – 3 pouches in a box — I’ve never tried this, but I’m excited too. One great item at least!

6. Professional Sebastian Shaper Plus Extra Hold Hairspray — 1.5 oz for Travel size.

The full-size is about $20.00 CAN at the Drugstore. I’ve tried it before and I like it a lot. The price is right, a full-sized spray bottle lasts a long time, and it’s hairspray you can brush out at night or if you’ve over sprayed. Two good items 🙂

7. Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream: Sweet Mint Cream — With Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Ana Aloe Vera – $6.00/6 mL

Again, not a bad item unless coconut isn’t your favorite scent. I’m not a huge fan. Nevertheless, hand cream is useful, and a great gift, as this is a full-sized product. It works fantastic too. My complaint is that I’ve received this almost exact same product in four different boxes.

But all in all, a good Luxebox for Spring 2018!

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6 thoughts on “Beauty: Luxebox – Spring 2018 Reveal #beauty #beautybox #Luxebox”

    1. I know what I like, but a lot of chemistry goes into this, and marketing, branding, etc. I think I just like to try them as see what I like. To review sometimes. Thanks Mihran 🙂


  1. I was getting a box of vegan beauty products, which I liked, but it was every month and I wasn’t using them quickly enough. 🙂

    Love the China Glaze nail polish color, but then I would be an autumn.

    Hopefully you’ll like the new products!

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    1. Lol. It is pretty on certain skin tones. It’s like bronzer though or contour, if I I choose an orangey one I look awful. The same with many self tan products in the stores, that claim to be for ‘light skin tones.’ But I’m okay being pale 🙂 I’m excited just to try something different I think. The extra cost per year, isn’t much. Plus, with a monthly bag/box I’m not going to expect as good of one as I would with one you only get 4 times a year. I’m hoping I don’t end up with too much products. I tried to find one that was bi-monthly it seasonly again, but besides FitFabFun, I couldn’t find one. I did try Fitfabfun and the box was awesome, and only 4 times a year, but it was too much money each month. $60 to $70 for Canada as it’s a US box. It’s neat b/c it has beauty and other things, but too much for my budget 🙂 Thanks for stopping by 😉

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