Published Poem: – Free Verse – “The Sweetness of Soggezione” (Awe) #poetry #amwriting #SpillWords

Here’s my latest poem published on SpillWords. I as honored to have this poem chosen as a feature poem on the site this week. The poem is called” The Sweetness of Soggezione.


©Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.

15 thoughts on “Published Poem: – Free Verse – “The Sweetness of Soggezione” (Awe) #poetry #amwriting #SpillWords”

      1. I did find it. Mandi, it was hard for me. I did love some of the word patterns and it seemed to be somewhat of a “fugue” with phrases and thoughts interwoven. Nice descriptive imagery of voices and music. But mostly – I’m not smart enough! Some of your longer poetry I can focus on without losing my ability to follow you but some I can not. I do like the trying. My computer test showed very little difference in the text color; that is why I couldn’t find it at first. Thanks.

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      2. It’s okay Oneta. I can kind of understand. My concentration can be similar, somedays reading stuff, especially longer poetry, or fiction pieces, is difficult. Other days, I can read well, but writing is more difficult along with editing. I really appreciate it very much that you try. Reading poetry I think goes Line by Line and what ever you understand it to be is perfectly valid. Sorry the Italian must have made it worse. It made sense to me, going along with the musical theme of the poem. Have a great week.


  1. Brilliant, Amanda! I wish we all are free to sing to each other with our voices within and sing as high as we want. I wish we could listen and hear each other the unspoken words or tunes. Wouldn’t that be wonderful, but… Well done!

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