100 Word Wednesday: Poem – Lunes – “Sugar Plum Dreamer” #100WordWednesdays #amwriting #poetry

Thanks to Bikurgurl for hosting #100WordWednesday.

Credit: Bikurgurl

Tiny princess laughs,

Toes bloodied;

Sweet Ballerina —

You mustn’t eat much,

You’re soft feet,

Will not be pretty.

But you’re talent it —

Enfolds, shocks;

Tears, sweat, soar legs ache —

Shaking; muscled sleek,

No black swan,

Sugar plum waking.

Fair dancer bending,

Lifted high,

Bowing to her dreams.

©Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.


11 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Poem – Lunes – “Sugar Plum Dreamer” #100WordWednesdays #amwriting #poetry”

    1. Yes, I knew a talented ballerina pretty well in junior high. We learned a couple ballet dances for a church pageant based on the Christmas story, and in a Kings court. It was fun to learn, I always wanted to ballet dance as a small child but I was too big, even then, to be that kind of dancer. I remember the lady who was in her mid twenties during the pageant, told us that the teachers would call us all fat, even though all of us were very much normal weight and played school sports. She was very tiny and diminutive. I think you have to be born tiny and willing to go through breaking in ballet shoes and destroying your feet. Not my thing, in the end, either. Thanks again.


  1. I’ve read of bloodied toes (in a mystery novel, I think) but it’s so easy to forget when you see ballet’s beauty. Like the way your poem shows that it is the price to be paid to submit to one’s dreams, that following a dream is not a path of ease but one of blood and sweat. Cool.

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    1. When I was in junior high a bunch of friends I grew up with and I, performed in a Christmas pagent as dancers at a kings court. Are teacher was a professional ballerina and told us how terrible of condition there feet are in, first learning, & also breaking in new slippers. She said her feet were hideous lol and she would’ve been in her early twenties. Very petite, tiny, but strong and leath. She was indeed a pretty lady and you’re right you don’t think about those aspects. There’s a movie called “Black Swan” with Natalie Portman that’s a dark look at the world of ballet!! Thanks again.

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