#NovemberNotes Day 21/Sunday Photo Fiction: The End of the Affair #amwriting #flashfiction

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF. I’m combining SPF with November Notes Prompt Day 21 “Great Escape” by Gavin James.

Credit: Alistair Forbes — A Mixed Bag

“Great Escape” by Gavin James

Giiselle shivered, slipping out of bed. It was 7:00 a.m. and Jimmy had been knocking on her front door for a half-an- hour. The knocking continued as she made a strong cup of Irish Breakfast tea. Stop! Just stop knocking, leave me alone!

The knocking ended and the long loud ringing of her doorbell commenced. Giselle swore, unlocking her front door and throwing the screen door open. “What the hell do you want? It’s 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday.”

Jimmy rolled his eyes. “You’re being rude. We need to talk about us, the way we were. Until we talk I can’t sleep, so why should I let you?”

Giselle grabbed her down coat and stepped outside. She zipped it up, burying her hands in her pockets. ” The good old days are gone, Jimmy. We’re not together. I don’t care if you can’t sleep.”

“Gigi, listen. What’s between us is more than attraction. I love you for real, always have.”

“We haven’t been together for a year. This isn’t some mistake we made that we can just laugh about someday. I was the other woman and you had a wife.”

Giselle polked Jimmy’s chest. “You decided to try to work things out with her; you chose Jasmine over me. Our affair was always a delicate game and now it’s over.”

Jimmy groaned, “You were my great escape at a dark time in my life. Jasmine divorced me months ago, I’m not married. We can start again.”

“We’ve been down this road before and I’m done. I forgive you but I can’t forget how much you hurt me.” He laid his hand on Giselle’s shoulder.

She turned gazing into his red-rimmed gray eyes. “You’re not the one for me, Jimmy. I was naive to think a married man like you ever was. It doesn’t matter that you’re divorced now.”

©Mandibelle16.(2017) All Rights Reserved.


11 thoughts on “#NovemberNotes Day 21/Sunday Photo Fiction: The End of the Affair #amwriting #flashfiction”

  1. so much going on here for a short story Mandibelle, it has such strength on so many issues. Trust, loyalty and terms of forgiveness. She’s a strong one to stand up against him but as always i like to see the other side of the coin, what if he could be the right man for her, he did come back to explain and maybe his circumstances might have forced him to act carelessly, or am I being too soft as always? I love your gift of story telling!

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    1. Thanks so much SD. This one I admit has me thinking of a part two. People make stupid decisions & he was separated from his wife, Jasmine, when he and Giselle had their affair. I think him choosing his wife over her really stung. Perhaps a bit more time will pass and Giselle will reconsider. I think that he has changed a great deal but she has also put up with a lot and forgetting that hurt will take more time for her. I’m glad u enjoy my writing. I’m happy to be writing fiction again after months of poetry. 🙂

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      1. he will do some soul searching and realise that Giselle is worth the effort, sometimes a man may make decisions based on trying to be fair to others and not to himself. I would love a part 2! fiction has always been my passion and am slowly trying to get back to that, at present poetry is all about i can manage as i get so distracted by the little things, i really want to focus in the new year. i do love your stories, they have such interesting characters! happy writing my dear!

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  2. I think she would be taking a big risk going back with him. If they have some quarrels he’s liable to find another woman to run to, then make the same excuse. He’s an adult and should act like one. I think she’s made a wise decision. Good writing, Mandi. Happy Holidays! 🙂 — Suzanne

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