PhotoChallenge/ Sunday Writing Prompt: A Fairy Tale with a Bad Ending: Maleficent #amwriting #fiction #photochallenge

Thanks to NEKNEERAJ of MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting this week’s photochallenge. I’m combining prompts with The Sunday Writing Prompt of MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie and using the title prompt tale: A Fairytale with a Very Bad End.

Credit: Jeff Simpson

Maleficent stared from her dim dungeon-like castle eyeing King Stefan’s daughter, Aurora, playing in a wide open field.

She whispered to Crow, “They’re supposed to be watching her those three dim-witted fairies. When I was a good fairy, I watched my charges closely. How foolish they are, I could end her life now.”

Crow cawed, “She’s but ten years old and it isn’t her fault Stefan is her father. She doesn’t know what he did to you to become king.”

“Quiet, Crow. I’m thinking.”

“You think a great deal but never do much. Aurora knows what her fate is, those ignorant fairies told her. Now, whenever she can, she escapes to this field to play. She has no care for danger or death. Sometimes she sits and stares into the sky crying.”

“Why should I be merciful to her because she knows she will prick her finger and die in six-years? I owe her nothing. She is a means to an end.”

Crow cocked his head. “She is not responsible for her father’s crimes anymore than your parents were responsible for leaving you alone to rule the Marsh; your parents did not intend to die. Aurora, does not want to die either. Why not raise her yourself and find a way to undo the curse? Simply losing her will hurt Stefan deeply as the queen can’t have more children.”

Maleficent pinched the bridge of her nose. “I cannot undo such a powerful curse and I will not do Stefan any favours despite Aurora’s innocence. He raped me Crow, I was helpless. He cut off my wings. I will not save the girl.”

“You may change your mind yet. You have watched her for years and have become fond of her. You hate that she’s putting herself in peril now.”


“Yes, you have this soft smile on your face when you watch Aurora. You never smile that way except with her.”

Maleficent’s voice went cold. “In that case . . . ” she pointed her wand at the blond beauty. Heart beating loudly in her ears, she struck the small girl down. Aurora death was instant and a single tear slipped down the dark fairy’s cheek.

“Now, you see, Crow? I have ended her life. I’m not attached to her and we will bury Aurora’s body in the Marshes. Aurora’s early death will bring Stefan greater pain. He will live his life not knowing what happened to his daughter. His queen will die in grief.”

Tears dropped as diamonds from Crows’ coal-black eyes and wouldn’t stop. “I do not think Stefan is the most evil being in the kingdom. You are the person most full of evil. Just as he lost his heart to become king and hurt you, you have ended the life of an innocent child and are no better.”

“I meant for you to truly act as Aurora’s Godmother — not to kill her. You should’ve been the one to guard and protect her; I thought you loved her.”

“Love is as treacherous as running off alone to a field . . .”

Crow’s caw was forlorn. “Aurora could’ve had a new beginning with us, but I cannot serve a fairy whose heart has become black with revenge, with blood on her hands from an innocent’s death. How far you have fallen, Maleficent.”

“Stefan is not responsible for your evil deeds; you are responsible for your own crimes.”

Crow bowed once and flew away forever. Maleficent was left alone and inside her chest her heart’s ache was perpetual.

©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.


13 thoughts on “PhotoChallenge/ Sunday Writing Prompt: A Fairy Tale with a Bad Ending: Maleficent #amwriting #fiction #photochallenge”

  1. Thanks Mihrank I based it off a Disney Live Action Remake of a movie called “Maleficant” based on the original cartoon/fairytale “Sleeping Beauty.” Unfortunately since the Prompt title had to be a bad fairytale, the ending wasn’t as good as it was in the “Maleficent” movie.

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  2. The interaction between different mindsetsis beautifully depicted. It could be two voices within the same person. The end put the whole thing in focus – “Stefan is not responsible for your evil deeds; you are responsible for your own crimes.”

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  3. We saw this film in 2017 and really loved it! I’m not much for a Disney Princess tale, but it was really a great one — so glad I watched it. I like how your writing slightly altered the characters to fit the prompt — great job! 🙂

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  4. Excellent interpretation of the prompt. I had imagined that Maleficent had become pregnant as a result of her rape but had discarded the child at birth, a girl. How would she know Stefan and his wife found and adopted the child and that ten years later Maleficent had murdered her own daughter?

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    1. That’s an interesting thought about the movie/fairytale. I hadn’t thought that Maleficent could be the biological mother. I think I more went with the live action movie from a years back where she eventually becomes Aurora’s secret godmother, in my story. Since the theme had to be a “bad fairytale” I thought about what would’ve happened if Maleficent’s rage and hurt etc hadn’t abated enough and she killed Aurora not wanting to admit that even at this early time, she loved the girl like an Aunt or Mother. I also enjoyed the character of the Crow in the movie whom Maleficent frees him. In the movie he had a specific name but I chose to keep him nameless as he is almost like he4 conscience, not just someone who does her bidding or will. He sees something in Maleficent and so he serves her and like her comes to have a fondness for Aurora. Her death deeply disturbs him.
      Thanks for reading James! I hope you’re enjoying the holidays!

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      1. I’ve never seen the movie but there was this terrifically tragic vibe I was getting that said she was really, really going to regret killing Aurora. Happy Holiday season to you too.

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