Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: T-Rex For Real #flashfiction #amwriting

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting FFftAW.

Credit: Yinglan Z. 2017

For many months after watching Jurassic Park, Jacob had been terrified of the giant Tyrannosaurus-Rex before his dad presented him with Iggy, a stuffed T-Rex. Iggy fought T-Rex in Jacob’s nightmares so that he was no longer afraid of dinosaurs when his dad took him to Jurassic World, the new dinosaur theme park.

Unfortunately, mayhem broke out in the theme park and Jacob found himself wedged into a tiny space, crying and clinging to Iggy. Eventually, he snuck out of his hiding spot, running towards the boat dock where men from the army shouted, “Run faster.”

He trembled when he heard the T-Rex roar right behind him, covering him in slobber. Jacob had learned that a T-Rex could only eat you if you moved, so he stood completely still. When Iggy slipped to the ground Jacob thought his life was over. Instead, the T-Rex carefully picked up Iggy with his teeth and stomped off into the jungle.

Jacob woke up, swaddled in his dad’s arms, a helicopter taking them back to safety. He hoped that the T-Rex liked Iggy. Maybe the T-Rex was afraid of a bigger dinosaur? The thought had never occurred to him before.

©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.

23 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: T-Rex For Real #flashfiction #amwriting”

    1. Hi Mark, good to hear from you. How are you doing? I’m not too sure. I’m picturing the old beat up T-Rex from ‘Jurassic World’ and to my knowledge there aren’t other T-Rex’s on the island so she sees this big stuffed T-Rex and it’s company of some sort, cause she can’t see so well to begin with either. I bit of a Labrador characteristics I would agree. But I couldn’t let her eat the kid, not today anyways. I’m excited for the Jurassic World P2 movie as well, so I had to go this route after seeing the traitor a few times this past week. Hope all is well and Merry Christmas.


      1. I’m doing well. Busy time of year, so I’m not posting as much. I haven’t seen the Jurassic World movie but love the concepts of “man vs nature” Maternal instincts probably would have existed as they were fairly intelligent. I guess at Christmas eating children can be put of for another time. Merry Christmas darling

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    1. Yeah it kind of is. I guess I was thinking that Jurassic Park and the two movies after, would have been something that was covered up so most people think it’s a scary story 30 + years ago. So, when the original island from Jurassic Park, is made in to ‘Jurassic World’ to the little boy and his Dad, this place is real and becomes the setting of the flash Fiction story. They aren’t aware that ‘Jurassic Park’ and following events actually took place on this original island. But despite more chaos as dinosaurs can’t be controlled, it ends good. T-Rex just needed another T-Rex for company.
      Thanks for reading James.

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    1. Thanks PJ. It’s nice to be writing these fiction tales again. They require imagination in more ways than poems sometimes. Yes, T-Rex was most concerned with Iggy. I picture this little boy with a giant stuffy that’s somewhat of a companion for this old T-Rex that’s been alone for over 30 years before Jurassic World, the movie and the story setting takes place. She just wants company. Happy holidays 🙂


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