#November Notes Day 15/100 Word Wednesday: Poem – Quadrille – “Headlights” #100WordWednesday #poetry #dVerse

For November Notes Day 15 the prompt song is “Headlights” by Dave Barnes. I’m combining the prompt with Bikurgurl’s Week 48 #100WordWednesday Photo Prompt. Also combining with Lillian from #dVerse Poet’s Pub Quadrille Prompt including the word visit in some form.


Credit: Trevor Cole via Unsplash


“Headlights” by Dave Barnes


White orb in the sky,

I’m alive,

As it rises between,

Cascading pines.

Oaks, sheltering our time.

Taffy leaves —

Autumn’s promise.

Each moment,

You fill my aching thoughts.

As we waited,

Excitement unknown.

Magnolia kisses,

Doors swinging wide.

I still remember,

Headlights flashing;

Love growing,

Each visit;

Not knowing,

Forevers context.


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.


25 thoughts on “#November Notes Day 15/100 Word Wednesday: Poem – Quadrille – “Headlights” #100WordWednesday #poetry #dVerse”

  1. I love the intertwined thoughts and feelings of aching and excitement, love, waiting, and unknown. Sometimes predictability is not too inviting. Great poem, Mandi!
    Oh, is the “falling snow” part of the theme of your blog? I’ve seen it on many blogs.

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    1. Thanks Miriam. I don’t see it when I go to my own blog even just my site address. I think it’s just something you have the option of choosing on any blog theme during the holidays. I think a couple years back I though why not? So it appears now every year and even if I wanted to stop it,
      I don’t remember how lol.

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      1. I’m thinking about upgrade for the same reasons. I have several inactive blogs. I could use them to experiment before making a decision. I like to have side bar as well as footer so that I could put some widgets in the footer and the sidebar wouldn’t get so long. I may do that after Christmas season when all the activities quiet down a little bit. Best wishes on your choice of theme or upgrade!

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      2. Yeah it takes time to move everything around but if you can find the right theme for not too expensive it’s worth it to have those extra options. The option I have right now looks more at increasing blog visibility and if I wanted I could have my domain name w/o the wordPress.com but since I’ve had my blog address as it for so long there’s the potential to lose a lot of viewers so I’m undecided on that for a year now. I’ve seen it happen with other bloggers they lose their followers or they switch blogs on another platform so it’s much harder to see their posts or they do multiple changes & somewhere in there you lose contact with their current blog site via email. I was thinking of the SEO option as it permits you to use SEO terms in google and I’ve learned more about that freelance blogging this spring/summer. You need to use unique Terms in your title to rate higher in google searches. Then again I think a theme change is the easiest actually and if I don’t get prime placement in google search I’m okay with that. Th design aspect appeals to me more. But u really need a combination of both I guess. Good luck on your new theme as well.


      3. I know that issue very well because I changed the title of my blog just slightly but apparently it created a whole new blog. I lost a lot of viewers. My regular readers couldn’t find me. When they click my profile, it took them to my old link (that I deleted it for a while). Since I commented on their posts, they commented back and said they lost me. So I asked so many of them to go to their Reader, unfollow my old link, copy and paste my new link and follow again. It took me two months to get my regular readers to connect with me.
        I’m hesitant to upgrade because the upgrade only give me the choices of .com, .blog, and .net.
        I was thinking about write to WP and do the upgrade and keep wordpress.com
        I also realize the Google issue. I did a post once. Right after that, I wanted to Google search a little bit more on that title. Here it was, my post with that title came on the top of the search list. My heart jumped, because I didn’t expect that to happen.
        My daughter is active on Facebook, she “tag” on the high visibility “trends” and her post would go on those trends.
        If you have a good number of followers, you may want to keep them in connection with you.
        It seems like you have some decisions to make……

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    2. I wondered that as well, Miriam — thanks for asking! I made a few changes to my blog, including theme, which was unintended {as I thought I was previewing and it reset the entire blog — then there was no going back!}. I was crushed, then felt a sense of relief becasue there really was no going back…however I’ve been unable to get the widgets working again in my sidebar for my Instagram feed {which is where I’m really active these days}. I’m also considering changing up my blog and even {gasp!} my focus…it’s been a long time coming and I’m still not committed to it, thus my active life has left my blog lightly attended to. Thank you for posting your conversation here for me to ‘eavesdrop’ on….I find that I’m able to learn more by asking questions, or seeing others ask questions, to better understand what my needs are. Thank you!

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      1. No problem, I do that as well sometimes. I think a new look is nice every so often. It’s refreshing to the blogger and followers. I do hate how one has to re-figure out the widgets etc. But it’s not so bad after figuring it out once! You’re trip to Prague looks amazing Bikurgurl. So many great pics on here and Instagram. Amazing that your family has travelled so much and what a great education for your kids 🙂

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      2. Hi. Bikurgurl! I hope you set up everything the way you wanted it by now. I’m very cautious on changing themes. I have 4 inactive blogs. I always use them to try out other themes. I almost picked your previous theme as the theme of one of my blogs. The only thing was that I didn’t want orange (or salmon) color for the title.
        You could add sites and use them to experiment!
        Happy holidays to you!

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      3. I totally understand. There were a few things about the old theme o didn’t like, but there was no ‘oh no! I didn’t mean to change that’ button, and my previous theme {buttons} is no longer available, so I landed on ‘Button 2’ theme. I haven’t set everything back up yet, unfortunately. I gave up after issues trying to get my IG feed back in my sidebar. The reason I changed my theme in the first place is my husband made note that many of my links were broken. Uggg…. I threw my hands up and keep kicking it down the line 😉 Maybe this weekend…. 😊

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    1. Thanks Bikurgurl. I’m a bit behind. I have a couple of your pics i want to use. I’m more than tired of November Notes but I’m on Day 21 now and determined to finish it and get back into a more regular blogging schedule. Cheers.

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      1. No problem. We can only spend as much time as we have, and sometimes we have to choose in life. We can’t write as much as we wish. I think few people can. Cheers and happy New Year. 🎉🙏🏻💕

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