#OctPoWriMo Day 19/Sunday Writing: Poem – Italian Sonnet – “Comfort Spread” #poetry #amwriting

For OctPoWriMo Day 19 the theme is fox or foxy. Also, I’m doing the Scribbler’s Dip MindLoveMisery’sMenagerie Sunday Writing Prompt from Oct 8, 2017 based on the Pablo Nurado poem below:


Sonnet XVI by Pablo Neruda

I love the handful of the earth you are.

Because of its meadows, vast as a planet,

I have no other star. You are my replica

of the multiplying universe


Your wide eyes, are the only light I know

from extinguished constellations;

your skin throbs like the streak

of a meteor through rain.


Your hips were that much of the moon for me;

your deep mouth and its delights, that much sun;

your heart, fiery with its long red rays,


was that much ardent light, like honey in the shade.

So I pass across your burning form, kissing

you – compact and planetary, my dove, my globe.



Credit: Roberto Nixon


More than a handful of earth, but crystal, 

Light bouncing off of facets, your meadows, 

Vast greenery, teaming with life bestowed. 

Complicated universe, love enthralled. 

Your star, an ember of warmth never falls. 

Such sanguine eyes, constellations fed, 

Your skin downy white fox fur, comfort bred. 

Our touch pulses, meteors involve —

Your mouth delights, your kisses warm invite;

Your hips as the moon’s silver spreading light. 

Fiery hearts beat together in time,

Your honeyed lips the relief of shade.   

Kissing burning skin, your planetary fire, 

A hope for the night for tomorrows rhyme.


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.


13 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo Day 19/Sunday Writing: Poem – Italian Sonnet – “Comfort Spread” #poetry #amwriting”

      1. CHARLES…… it sounds like a king!
        It was a pleasure to read a bit of you, when time permits I’ll be your stalker…hold on, I’ll be the wordpress stalker. By the way I just gave me an idea to write about, the wordpress stalker……………….. booo!

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      2. Im a stalker and I suffffffer from OFD, that isObesseve Flirt Disorder, s o when do when ge married? I’m hot, blue eyes, bdy like the skies, smart, funny….Jesus, going to Hawai.Deal is sealed. Forgot, what do you think?

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  1. Lovely piece Mandi 🙂 I like how you’ve used Neruda as your starting point and wrote to it – almost like an answer – with some most delightful lines and ideas. This is a gorgeous idea –
    Your skin downy white fox fur, comfort bred. – very unique! And I really like how you’ve played with this line too –
    Your hips as the moon’s silver spreading light.
    Absolutely wonderful contribution and poem for the Sunday Writing prompt – thanks for playing and sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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