Three Line Tales: Friday Night Lights #amwriting #fiction #3LineTales

Thanks to Sonya of Only 100 Words for hosting #3LineTales.


Credit: Arnaud Mesureur


Far off in the distance we gaze at the fluorescent lights glowing, electric candles vibrant and magnificent as we sit on our roof, watching the players tackle each other on the mega screen. The announcer’s voice booms and the sky lights up even more with the pop and scattered explosion of our team’s colors in fireworks; they’ve scored another touch down so we toast to their success. 

When the game is won the fluorescent lights remain luminiscient in the darkness and accompanied by the brilliance of the stars; sometimes we wish we had tickets to that game now hours ago, but our view from the roof of our house is priceless — it also doesn’t cost $20.00 a beer, not even $20.00 a case. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


5 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: Friday Night Lights #amwriting #fiction #3LineTales”

    1. Yeah a ways back I recall doing this at a friends house at our football stadium. It’s an interesting experience and yes the beer gets expensive on top of the tickets but much worse for hockey games I’m sure you know 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

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      1. Sports tickets have gotten so crazy these days. And concert tickets too. Makes me glad that I’m older and perfectly satisfied hanging out with my friends somewhere less crowded and noisy.

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      2. I agree, it’s a huge expense when u consider parking, the tickets, food which is always over priced as well as drinks of any kind, which are overpriced too. Are new arena makes us particularly aware of this. However, they have made an effort to keep concert tickets not too expensive. I al it’s got to go to Lady Gaga on Thursday but I wasn’t awake when my brother texted me in the morning. He could call cause he was in a meeting. Oh well, next time 🙂

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      3. Yeah, you can’t expect to eat or drink there and not spend a fortune. I just went to our county fair and the prices were bad enough there — $4 for a bottle of water! $16 for a “specialty” burger! $9 for a few pieces of asparagus wrapped in bacon. I paid it though, because it was the fair and it was fun. (And that burger was crazy good – it had a chile relleno and avocado on it, among many other ingredients.) Sorry you missed the chance to see Lady Gaga, I’m sure she puts on a great show, what a bummer. Ah well, better luck next time!

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