Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer:  Stronger #amwriting #flashfiction 

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting FFftAW.


Credit: Grant-Sud


Below Joshua the city spanned the azure horizon. He wished it felt like home here, that the kids at school didn’t make fun of him. He couldn’t help that he didn’t speak English well. He’d lived outside of Beijing almost his entire thirteen years. 

Even though his English was improving, the kids in his classes still teased him, mimicked his Asian accent.  Joshua didn’t understand why they made fun of him, specifically. There were many kids of diverse ethnicities in his classes. The difference was they’d been born here, or had picked up English as toddlers. 

When some of the bigger boys punched and pushed him around one day at school, Joshua ran home immediately. There were tears running down his cheeks and he was embarrassed to be crying. He wasn’t surprised when his legs took him to his favorite place in the city. Joshua had found it one day wandering the streets and deserted buildings close to where he lived. 

As he presently stood on the corner of the brightly spray painted building, he swore to never cry again. No matter how much the other kids teased him, no matter how badly they bruised him; Joshua would show them he was stronger. 


Kelly Clarkson – “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer:  Stronger #amwriting #flashfiction 

  1. Priceless Joy July 15, 2017 / 7:53 pm

    Wonderful story Mandi! I feel so bad for him being teased like that from the other kids. I’m sure this happens to a lot of kids because some kids can be so mean! Great song to go along with your story!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mandibelle16 July 15, 2017 / 10:01 pm

      I agree kids can be the worst especially around his age. I think once he gets older it won’t be so bad but now he has to be strong and ignore the mean ones.


      • Priceless Joy July 16, 2017 / 6:37 am

        Yes, that is true. He must be strong and ignore the means kids.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. joyroses13 July 15, 2017 / 8:09 pm

    Go Joshua! A great song to put with the post. I really like Kelly Clarkson.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mandibelle16 July 15, 2017 / 10:01 pm

      Thanks JR. yeah it fit well. She’s a wonderful singer. First winner of American Idol I think.


    • mandibelle16 July 15, 2017 / 10:00 pm

      Thank you Michael. Glad u liked it. Yes, he has to be stronger to get past those teenage years where kids can be mean, in many ways.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. joyroses13 July 16, 2017 / 5:56 am

    You are welcome and yes Kelly was the first winner of AI.
    We saw her in concert 2 years ago and were so touched by how down to earth she was when on stage talking and her caring heart came through as well in her words.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mandibelle16 July 16, 2017 / 4:14 pm

      Yeah I like that down to earth quality about her too.


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