After Eight Moments…

I wanted to share a new Prompt from you led by the wonderful Cyranny. It’s called ‘After Eight Moments’ and you can read about it here, see if it’s a prompt you’d like to do. I really recommend it, not to mention the Prompt name is based off the most delicious chocolate bar. I’m a mint and chocolate person. How about you?

Cyranny's Cove


Now, if that’s not an After Eight moment, I wonder what would be!


Exactly one month ago, I was launching the After Eight Moments series, quite honestly thinking it wouldn’t last more than a week, maybe less…

I wanted to give an old love a chance… Photography. I did take pictures regularly, but not like when I was in College, and had a passion for it. I was at a point where I took pictures to catch memories to remember people and places by. I took pictures of the obvious, and what presented itself to me.

I wanted to exercise looking for the hidden little things in life. I wanted my eyes to be on the look out, whenever I left home… And I must say that even if it didn’t always give the best pictures, the idea behind them was respected every passing day.

I didn’t expect people…

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