What Remains

A lovely poem from Kat!

like mercury colliding...

when broken hearts bleed
with love flames unrequited
smoldering remains


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge prompted by the words ember (smoldering remains) and flame.

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Blogger’s Pit Stop #80 – The Blogger’s Lifestyle

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The Job I Hated, But Needed, poem by Amanda Eifert (MY FIRST JOB Poetry and Prose Series)

I was thrilled to have a poem published online at Silver Birch Press. Their monthly theme was ‘your first job’ and I wrote about my awful experience at Dairy Queen one summer.

Silver Birch Press

cassia beckThe Job I Hated, But Needed
by Amanda Eifert

My first job was a leap, caused a limp,
Applied at the DQ, the manager was likable.
Trainees had three-hour shifts,
And no one explained how the take-out and eat-in system worked;
The manager yelled at me on my second shift.
I didn’t understand if he needed workers,
Why I had one shift each week of only three hours;
Never long or often enough to catch on.
I practiced endless ice cream cones and Sundaes.
I made delicious blizzards, brownie desserts, and treats.
When the milk shake machine exploded on me,
I held my breath and cleaned up the mess,
I was screamed at and no other worker defended me.
I felt isolated and tried to be friendly,
Then, I was told I needed to get along with the staff better.
I received stilted conversations, older girls who were mean to…

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