Published on Poem – Cleave – ” Unwrapping Deceit” #poetry #amwriting #spillwords

Thanks  so much to SpillWords for publishing anotherof my poems. This is a Cleave poem and it’s redone as it was a poem from a few years ago. It’s called Unwrapping Deceit



©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


17 thoughts on “Published on Poem – Cleave – ” Unwrapping Deceit” #poetry #amwriting #spillwords”

      1. Quite easy on spillwords. Go onto and they have an option at the top where you can submit poems are works of writing. You can take a look at what others have submitted too to give you and idea. Fill out in your submission on the page, info about poem name etc, key words, the poem/story and thoughts on why you wrote what you did and key words, and a short bio for first time submitters. Submit and click done and that’s all. They are usually very fast and getting back to you 🙂

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      2. Yes it does. But all in all it’s more important when the people I know and write with on here like something. It’s nice to find other places that show recognition of your writing and I’ve been submitting stuff for a year with them
        And as I said they’ve been so good to me. Made me confident enough to keep pitching poetry to them and to have pieces of short fiction and poetry on other websites. But as for having work published in general, it’s very hard even reading about what kind of work a magazine/site wants. Even though they a certain something, exactly what they’re looking for is usually hard to decipher. You just try and with Spillwords they are more open to different kinds of poetry/writing and types of writing. So I say just try. I know Single Dust, Ameena from Randoms by a Random, and Mark from Colours (something) I forget lol!) have all been successful and had pieces published there. I’d love for you to be next 🙂
        Have a good day/night Simon it’s 10;00 but Was at one of my besties’s wedding last night and am tired from that.

        Cheers and good luck 🙂


    1. Aw, thank you for such nice compliments. It’s my goal to try different forms of poetry but Cleave poems are most definitely some of the most difficult to write! I learned them from another poet who doesn’t blog in here anymore. I use www. and go into types of poems and there are many kinds to choose from and examples of you’re interested, for other types of poems to try 🙂
      Thanks again Oneta 🙂

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