Sunday Photo Fiction: Ruthless #amwriting #flashfiction #chess 

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF. 


Credit: A Mixed Bag – Alistair Forbes


“I’ve learned some interesting things about chess lately,” Karley said. 

Tyler smirked and made his first move, the frosted glass pawn advanced, “What did you learn?” 

“Well, way back when there was no Queen. Beside the King was an Advisor.” 

“That Advisor must have had a lot of power if in chess he could move any direction on the board, diagonal or straight. Why did the Advisor become a Queen?” 

Karley grinned, “Well, for one, Queen Elizabeth I. But around her time and after, there were many powerful Queens. The Advisor becoming Queen was meant to please Queens, rulers who weren’t male.” 

“Do you think Queens in the monarchy were as ruthless as Kings?” Tyler asked watching Karley bring out her Bishop. 

“Of course. Queen Elizabeth I had no trouble executing those who opposed her. She also never married. I think power was her raison d’être,” Karley said placing her finger on the clear glass Queen. 

“But yet the Queen still protects the king?” Tyler mused. 

“He doesn’t really get to move much, though, does he?” 

“No, just a space here and there.” 

“Checkmate,” Karley said. 

“What, what does that mean? How’d you do that so fast?” 

“It comes from Arabic and French. Literally, it means, ‘He is Dead’ or ‘The King is Dead.’ I did it so fast because I’m the Queen.”

” The Queen?” Tyler said confused. 

“Yes, we’re ruthless.” 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


13 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Ruthless #amwriting #flashfiction #chess ”

    1. Thank you Sascha 🙂 I was thinking of a line from the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ : The Man may be the head of the house but the woman is neck and she can move the head anyway she wants. Chess I think relates to this a lot.

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      1. Thanks Sascha. Oddly enough before wrote this I finished a series where chess was a big part of the story, not only playing but how the main character rose from being a pawn, to being a Queen. I learned some interesting facts about this very old game so it was neat to see this prompt picture. And yes indeed, the Queen has much power. She does though end up sacrificing herself at times. Hopefully for the right king. Perhaps the right Queen brings the king to his knees so he cannot move for she is his weakness.

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      2. Hehe. It’s a typical romance series but I enjoyed for a lighter read. Skye Warren 1. The Pawn, 2. The Castle 3. The Knight
        It was neat how chess worked into the romance/drama story


  1. I love that line about the man being the head but the woman is the neck. Not heard it before as I haven’t seen the film.

    Checkmate in three. I could never get the hang of that. But I haven’t played chess in forever. Good story Mandi.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a really good movie actually. The original was made by a Greek born Canadian actress and it was a small budget film and independent. It did incredibly well and made more money than anyone would’ve thought becoming a popular Hollywood rom com. I’d recommend it it’s actually quite funny and the focus is less on the romance and more in the quirks of this Greek family and other interesting, funny, and sometimes weird family members. They did a second as well last year or two years ago with most of the original cast. It was supposed to be 18 yrs later as the main character and her husband from the last movie now had a grown daughter.

      I don’t know if Checkmate happened so fast. It can but I think throughout the game they are moving their pieces and having this conversation and more. I think an entire game playas out of a normal time as she shares her insights and he tries to best her but can’t. Thanks for reading Al 🙂

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    1. Haha thanks yes this guy seems to miss the message behind her meaning. Some don’t realize a thing until it’s too late. Thanks for reading one of my favourite flash fiction pieces of late. I loved playing chess with my grandpa growing up and was quite good until he passed away.

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