Three Little Tales: My Worst Fear #nonfiction #fiction #amwriting #3LineTales 

Thanks to Sonya of Only 100 Words for hosting #3LineTales


Credit: Diana Feil via UnSplash


My smile it isn’t real, although I appear happy and unafraid. My smile is goofy and I’m laughing but in reality, I’m quaking inside. Clowns have always frightened me so much I used to have terrible dreams about them even into my teens; so many nights I woke up screaming in horror. My husband doesn’t understand it but standing beside this clown is my worst nightmare and he had better be grateful; it’s not everyday I take a photograph with my the thing I fear the most. 


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13 thoughts on “Three Little Tales: My Worst Fear #nonfiction #fiction #amwriting #3LineTales ”

      1. It’s going pretty good. I’m managing. Today I got relax so it’s been nice. Freelance work has been keeping me btw appointments and friends with weddings as it’s Summer. How are you?

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      1. Yeah it’s fun. I like both things. I love English/History and art/design things that’s fun in academic areas. But the beauty is fun b/c it’s a personal interest and something I keep u on so it’s fun to share my knowledge and use skills I’ve learned blogging such as using WordPress and I’m learning about SEO and Stop words abs things like that that are useful in this technological age for writing.

        I was reading about that terrible apartment fire in Britain. It seems you guys have been having a bad News Spring this year with the terrorist attacks, and stabbing in London plus, issues with the gov’t. I think in the US it’s similar but in Canada usually not. We’re a lot smaller.

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      2. It sounds like you’re doing loads of cool stuff. I wish I knew about SEO and the like.

        Yeah we and London are getting it bad. We have to keep our chin up and keep going. One way or the other the gov will sort itself out.

        It’s quiet over in Canada it seems. 😊

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      3. Usually is lol. We watch the US politics and those affect us a lot. Election times are more interesting, Winter Olympics or hockey. But hockey season just ended 🙂 I don’t know much about SEO but I’m learning. I’m not a “computer person” so to speak but it’s something good to know for google searches people often do. Takes me longer to figure out 🙂

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