Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: Poem – Wrapped Refrain – “Caged in the Keep”  #amwriting #poetry #flashfiction 

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting FFftAW.


Credit: Majestic Golden Rose


My prison or my home? I shall, 

Never know what these empty halls —

Are; if they contain friend or foe, 

If they care about me, don’t know. 

Married off to a stranger, not unkind, not cruel, 

Not a friend, not yet a foe, stately and no one’s fool. 


Behind these walls, a sullen keep, 

I’m kept, without sunlight’s relief.

My thoughts aren’t considered, nor my —

Opinions valued, I’m defied.

No special princess, just his highnesses wife kept, 

Safe from the world, from experience, trapped, bereft. 


Where did childhood’s freedom go? 

Where are the green fields, wild flowers? 

I just want outside but then you’d, 

Never find me again, I’d far go —

Back to my father, to a life of freedom glad, 

My prison? Tigresses caged attack when mad. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved


22 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: Poem – Wrapped Refrain – “Caged in the Keep”  #amwriting #poetry #flashfiction ”

      1. Well its almost summer here – June21, I guess. The weathers been one day nice and the next day rainy. I hope all summer isn’t dark and stormy. I have been doing a bit of freelancing and it’s been going well. I have a job blogging for a beauty site a couple times a week and a bit of academic work to keep me busy and supplement my income. One of my BFF’s Tara is getting married this month. Her shower was two weeks ago, her Stagette this Saturday and her wedding next Saturday. So that’s been fun and been busy. I’ve a cousin getting married July 15 and I got the tattoo I always wanted. It’s not perfect yet but when the touch ups are done I’ll blog about it 🙂 Hoping to vacation somewhere this year for a week when things settle down. How are you doing?


      2. I’m sorry your weather has been rainy and dark. Hopefully, it will get better! That sounds like a lot of fun going to weddings and bachelorette parties! Sounds nice that you are taking on some work to make extra money. You sound very busy! I went to Phoenix to my grandson’s graduation and got to visit with family.It was nice! Now, I’m just working on training my puppy, Sugar.

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      3. Oh yeah you told me about your grandson, that must have been really fun for you. My youngest brother finally graduated with his BA today. Took him a long while he’s 28 lol. Yes the wedding events are a lot of fun 🙂 And the extra work is good for me. I like researching/writing and I learn a lot. How’s it going with Sugar? Does she listen to her mom? She’s very cute!


      4. My grandson only graduated from high school. That is wonderful that your brother graduated with his BA! One of these days it will be your wedding that you will be going to! 😀 Sugar is a wonderful little dog. She minds me very well! The only problem with her is that she (like all puppies) play with their mouths and teeth and her teeth are so tiny they are like little needles I have teeth bites all over my hands and arms from playing with her. I’ll be glad when she isn’t so “bitey.”

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      5. That’s still exciting. University is a fun time or Technical Collage etc.., whatever your Grandson wants to go into. Does he have any idea? He has lots of time to decide. My brother who got his BA was in Chemistry, Physics, Computing, Music, and finally settled last year on human geography which has to do with land development and city planning. He’s going to do an internship of some kind now. He’s tired of being student after 10 yrs. He did take off a couple of years in there too. So like I said your grandson can do whatever and when he finds what he likes he’ll know. Often here anyways, actual ‘job’ training is needed beyond a a general arts or science BA either once you find a job or once you figure out what job you want to do after university. Which is a long way off for your grandson.

        Aw, I’m glad sugar worked out for you. Yeah, they do have such energy as pups. Before my old dog Nikki, was my family’s older dog spunky who was half chihuahua.

        When she was younger she would rub circles and bounce off the walls doing flips. I imagine Sugar being part dachshund doesn’t do this but I’m sure she likes to play a lot. I do remember Nikki’s little sharp teeth and they do hurt. I’m wondering if there is something natural you can out your hands that the dog doesn’t like the taste of. Nikki learned not bite b/c every time she did even accidentally (as a puppy) we would put both are hands around her mouth/snout and say ‘no biting’ in a deep voice. When we all did that with her she learned lol. As an adult she never but only by accident when playing once in a long while and she was always very guilty and ducky afterwards. If I could find a little dog the same breed as yours here, I would snap her up. Mixed breeds are usually better and yours is a great mix. Here we don’t have pet shops that allow dogs to be sold anymore. So it’s hard to find dogs, especially ones that aren’t hugely expensive here, that are a desired mixed breed.


      6. I told a friend of mine that Sugar is part flying squirrel, part cat, and part dog. Haha! She climbs up the back of my couch which has a very high back and gets on the divider between my kitchen and living room. Haha! Then she jumps off like she is flying! Hahaha! It’s a riot! She is 3/4 Chihuahua and 1/4 Dachshound. You can’t tell she has any dachshound in her though. My grandson in going to go to the University of Texas in Tempe, Arizona. He wants to be an Engineer but then of course, that could change. My grandson that graduated several years ago is going to school to be a sports physical therapist. He would be very good at that. That is wonderful that your brother has his degrees in those subjects. He should be able to find a great job with that degree! I would love to see you get a little dog because I know it would be good for you. Sugar is getting better about biting and it’s only through play that she bites. I let her know she is biting me and she feels bad and will lick the bite on my hand. I am constantly telling her, “don’t bite! Don’t bite!” Sometimes I have to smack her with the rolled up newspaper. LOL!

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      7. I’m glad about your grandsons. Those are both good careers. Nathan tried engineering too. He didn’t get his degree in all those subjects lol. Just human geography. But he tried those other majors at one time or another. Sugar sounds both funny and high energy. I’m glad she’s learning not to bite and kisses it better lol. Haha that’s funny. The newspaper is a good idea lol. Yeah perhaps if I can find that the right puppy. You are right it would be very good for me. I’m really glad you have sugar too.


      8. Thanks so much Mandi. I’m glad I got her too. I sure do love the little thing. And, she is so darn little! I have to stay outside with her when she goes outside because, #1: She can get through the space between my gate and the fence and #2: She is afraid to stay outside by herself. (Hopefully she will grow out of that).

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  1. A lovely poem. It’s so sad that she has been taken away to live such a seclusive life. Thankfully she is not physically abused, however, being mentally abused must be unbearable for her. I hope one day she can break away and become free again.

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    1. I don’t think it’s even mental abuse per day but the fact that she doesn’t matter and to her husband is property that he must hide and keep safe. He doesn’t consider that hiding her hurts her. He doesn’t think much of her feelings about that b/c she is ‘previous’ as a commodity. And she doesn’t feel at home in her home. No ones her friend. Thanks for reading 🙂

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