A great poem by Amanda Eifert

This really touched me. Made me cry, a response to my spillwords poem. Exactly the right words. Read Caroline’s wonderful poem!

Everyday Battles

Good Morning! I’m sharing a new piece of poetry. It hasn’t been published on my blog until now. Spillwords Press graciously published another one of my poems. Check them out at http://www.spillwords.com to publish some your best poetry and other writing. Here’s today’s poem: You Can’t Take the Pain Away. ——- ——– © Mandibelle16. (2017) All […]

via Published Poetry – Spillwords: Free Verse – ” You Can’t Take The Pain Away” #amwriting #poetry #spillwords — Mandibelle16

#Inspired by her words

The pain can’t go away

It’s there to stay

Know it’s there for a reason

The wound caused

Will heal with time

The scar created

It’s there to stay

For a good reason

The pain and scar are symbols of our struggles

They become our stories

They become inspirations

They are the foundations of a beautiful future

Don’t fight to eliminate the pain

Don’t grieve if the wound is too…

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