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A great poem by Amanda Eifert

This really touched me. Made me cry, a response to my spillwords poem. Exactly the right words. Read Caroline’s wonderful poem!

Everyday Battles

Good Morning! I’m sharing a new piece of poetry. It hasn’t been published on my blog until now. Spillwords Press graciously published another one of my poems. Check them out at to publish some your best poetry and other writing. Here’s today’s poem: You Can’t Take the Pain Away. ——- ——– © Mandibelle16. (2017) All […]

via Published Poetry – Spillwords: Free Verse – ” You Can’t Take The Pain Away” #amwriting #poetry #spillwords — Mandibelle16

#Inspired by her words

The pain can’t go away

It’s there to stay

Know it’s there for a reason

The wound caused

Will heal with time

The scar created

It’s there to stay

For a good reason

The pain and scar are symbols of our struggles

They become our stories

They become inspirations

They are the foundations of a beautiful future

Don’t fight to eliminate the pain

Don’t grieve if the wound is too…

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