100 Word Wednesday: The New Teacher #amwriting #flashfiction #racism 

Thanks to Bikurgurl for hosting #100WordWednesday. 


Credit: William Stett via UnSplash


It’s 1962 and Miss Parker’s exotic beauty temporarily shocks her grade seven class into silence. She has lovely dark skin and striking eyes lined with kohl. The boys are held speechless by her attractive appearance. Her bold cranberry lipstick and a fashionably revealing outfit are what her female student’s desire to wear.

Her student’s realize how interesting, knowledgable, and outgoing their new teacher is and walk home each day telling their parents Miss Parker is wonderful. The parents are thrilled for their children. 

Nevertheless, things change when the parent’s realize at parent teacher interviews, Miss Parker is black woman. Race was not a feature of Miss Parker their children noticed as racism is not ingrained within a child — it is taught. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


16 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: The New Teacher #amwriting #flashfiction #racism ”

  1. Your description of her evoked the feelings the boys felt being in her presence. elegantly written and bringing to the end a conclusion so true, all the ideas in a child’s mind is put there by smaller adult minds. This is a powerful story Mandi, one that speaks more than the few words it holds, a story of being human in a world that wants to divide and conquer our spirit of love and tolerance.

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    1. Thanks SingleDust as usual you understand perfectly. Yes the boys for certain see this exotic beauty and the girls someone they want to dress like and wear lipstick as, she is a role model and also as many women sexualized but maybe that cannot be avoided with males? I don’t know lol. Ultimately I wanted to focus on her being a wonderful teacher and beautiful no matter her race or culture. That these children valued and loved her teaching, they did not notice her race until their parents would mention it. Thanks again.

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  2. The twist at the end was the best – albeit sad – but a moment of holding up that mirror to reflect what we sometimes see in society. Beauty, knowledge, grace, fearlessness knows no gender or color boundary, only the bounty they bestow. Powerful story – thank you for joining us ❤

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