Tale Weaver: Poem – Italian Sonnet – “What If You” #amwriting #poetry #taleweavers

Thanks to Lorraine from MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting last week’s Tale Weaver prompt. The prompt is to come up with a ‘what if scenario and write about it.’


Credit: Francis E. McDonald

What if you were on the streets and had no family,

To take you in? What if you were awfully ill?

Had no health care insurance or will —

To live? ‘Cause no one cared, not really.

Disappearance might seem easier,

You think your absence won’t ever be missed.

Better for others, if your life’s dismissed?

Not in the way; without friends, eyes keeping,

Watch on you: We must help those who live ‘What If;’ too —

Many people fall through the cracks,

Cannot afford medication to live,

Or wander streets, hungry, with poor hygiene.

We all must care because the neglected need much,

Are valuable humans, who require our hands.

© Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.



8 thoughts on “Tale Weaver: Poem – Italian Sonnet – “What If You” #amwriting #poetry #taleweavers”

  1. I echo Michael’s comments. Here in Trumpworld, the cracks are expanding — all the more reason we must look out for others.
    And, I was sorry to see Edmonton exit. Maybe next year. Leaves Ottawa to cheer for.
    Thanks for participating. And for being a caring individual.

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    1. Thanks Lorraine. I was thinking about the Jimmy Kimmel monologue on his infant son than thinking about all those people who had no health care before Obama care. I know some kind of Trump care exists now but I think it leaves those vulnerable people in society who need health care with few options.

      Thanks about the Oilers, considering we went from the bottom of the league to the second round of the playoffs, with very suspect referring in CA both with San Hose and Anaheim, no is too disappointed but excited for years to come 🙂 Yes go Ottawa. If not Nashville 🙂
      Thanks again.


      1. The horrible thing is that people with pre-existing conditions could be priced out of health insurance. And many who now receive health care due to expanded Medicaid didn’t realize it was the “hated Obamacare” that got them into the clinic, doctor’s office, hospital! The voters here can be really stupid!
        Yes, I’m cheering for Nashville, too. I agree that the referring has left a lot to be desired — especially at the play off level. There have been clear infractions not called, goals disallowed, and the list goes on. Time to take a look at just what caliber of referee is out there during the playoffs. Good thing I’m not into conspiracy theories . . .

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      2. Yeah I know people have to be so aware. I can’t believe Trump is still in there. His laws are costing lives! I’m sure in the off season the referring will be seriously liked into. It’s been constantly bad through out the league even with tablets and all the views they can see on there and from up too.
        Have a great Friday!


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