Sunday Photo Fiction: For Joy #amwriting #flashfiction

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF.


Credit: Sally- An Hodgekiss


All was as it had been that day, a harsh purple-blackness filled the sky and the towers of the palace appeared to cage him in. Their ruthlessly straight architecture left no room for imagination and no room for failure such as the sins that had made King Salivoir a statue.

A thousand years ago, Jupiter had been furious with King Salivoir. His handsome features scorned the human king who had dared to bed his beloved Venus. Jupiter was so furious with Salivoir his mighty hands crushed the stone of the palace fountain. Salivoir had ended up in the water begging for his life. 

Then, Jupiter had said something shocking, “King Salivoir, I forgive you your transgressions with Venus.”

Salivoir gasped and Jupiter smiled in arrogance turning wretched King Salivoir into solid marble — yet Salivoir still lived within his frozen form. For ages he was there, his marble body cowering in fear. 

Then today a storm just as the one that occurred a millennia ago came and instead of the mighty Jupiter, Venus strode from the violent sky. The clouds turned a brilliant shade of sunset orange. Salivoir was freed and Venus in her benevolence granted him a new life in a new time; Salivoir wept for joy. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


12 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: For Joy #amwriting #flashfiction”

      1. If you read the story “Heart of Rome” by Barbed Words, she describes the fountain in detail, describing each picture. She wrote a fictional story about the statues talking to each other and a picture of each one. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    1. Thanks Joy! I’m glad that came across! And yes while Jupiters entrance meant doom, Venus’s entrance meant love and new beginnings. I originally had that Jupiter was sleeping the centuries away but I think Venus knew whatever time, it was the right time to bring this man freedom.

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      1. Yes, he had definitely paid for his transgressions. Can you imagine, being frozen in stone, living but unable to move, all that time? What a terrible punishment! But then, I totally believe it of Jupiter.

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  1. Nice to see Venus was able to undo Jupiter’s wrath and set him free. Love the story Mandi.

    One slight problem – you have an extra word hiding in the second line attempting to go unnoticed. Possibly hiding from other letters in the alphabet who want to aggravate it.

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