100 Word Wednesday:  Owning His Body #amwriting #flashfiction #100WordWednesday 

Thanks to Bikurgurl for hosting #100WordWednesdays.


Credit:Felix Russel; Saw via UnSplash


Images, the vines, the flowers, the tribal tattoos, marking his body their presence is defining. A farmer’s son covered his body in tattoos, to lay claim to a canvas, a territory, beneath a sunless sky. But bruises so dark, red and vivid purple used to cover his limbs, his torso, his face, and even his hands. So when he chooses bright ink, a part of him heals and the bruises fade. With each work of art he becomes stronger and he returns home, sheltered by his images. He’s happy because his body is his own and no father can abuse or mother can deny; tattoos are his stories accompanying him gently as the wheat sways in the field. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


18 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday:  Owning His Body #amwriting #flashfiction #100WordWednesday ”

      1. Hi Simon. Things are so so. Was a busy weekend with my Dad’s 60th bday, a wonderful old lady who was my geatgodmother and friend, her funeral was the same day. She is missed but was also 98 so was ready to go. Mother’s Day and work pretty much summed up the rest. Yesterday exhausted but today going out. How are you?

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      2. Haha I guess sometimes you just try to get through an event and other times it’s great to have fun and enjoy yourself, right? My friend’s (grandma’s) funeral was sad but at my Dad’s birthday I got to talk to both my brothers and my one brother’s girlfriend and we all drank a lot of wine at the “kids table” lol and just laughed. My brothers are out on their own so us all being together is nice. So it’s a balance I guess. How are are things god you Simon? How’s your Titan novel going? Also love your use of ‘eh’ it’s very Canadian but maybe we adopted this habit from the British lol.


  1. What a sad, yet loving reflection of the abuser taking back his body, his self worth, his pride and not allowing what the past will dictate for him. What a sad story with such a hopeful new beginning ❤ Thank you for joining us this week, my friend ❤

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