Sunday Photo Fiction: Crazy Memories #amwriting #flashfiction 

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF. 


Credit: Alistair Forbes – A Mixed Bag


“You forgot it again, didn’t you?” I ask Gillian 

“Yes,” she said exasperated. “You know I’m always forgetting it, losing it, or damaging it permanently. Phones don’t like me.”

“I’ve known you twelve years and I’m pretty sure you’ve gone through more than twelve phones.”

Gillian starts to laugh. “Yeah, so true. My Dad would get so upset at me in university. I think I broke like six cell phones.”

I laugh at her memories. “One time you lost your new phone down the sewer. You were crying because you were drunk and wanted to go back for your phone. Melissa and I kept telling you it was gone.”

Really? I don’t remember that?”

“You wouldn’t,” I tell Gillian giggling. “I had to physically pick you up and place you in the cab. I told the cab driver to ignore your pleas to go back to the bar and I half carried you into Melissa’s apartment where you passed out.”

Gillian giggled, “Those were crazy times. Thank goodness my phone is just on the kitchen counter, not in the sewer.”

We both grin at each other. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 



6 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Crazy Memories #amwriting #flashfiction ”

  1. I have memories similar to that. Not so much the dropping a phone into the sewer, but being put into a cab and taken to someone’s house. It was my 25th birthday ( so a looong time ago haha) and I was taken to an Indie music gig. BEfore we went, all of my friends said they would buy me a cider (my favourite drink) and they would choose one person to put a vodka in it. When we got there, they all said they couldn’t afford the vodka so it would just be ciders. Each time one of them went to buy the drink, they said that they figured as no one else was going to do it, they would put the vodka in. S 11 pints of cider with vodka top. I could never hold my drink anyway – 4½ pints was my limit. I was absolutely slaughtered.

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    1. lol. Yeah it’s hard to keep them looking New and pristine. One solution is to get a case for it called an otter box. It’s a rubber case and it covers the phone completely,even the screen. When I was having trouble breaking a phone I bought one of those. Pricey case I think like $80.00 but worth it if you have the same phone a few years, caused this will protect it and the rubber will make sure when you drop it it doesn’t break 🙂 thanks for reading 🙂

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