Blogger’s Pit Stop #72 – The Blogger’s Lifestyle

Regretfully, this past weekends Blogger’s Pit Stop link up is closed but I wanted to share the post anyways.

Every weekend is a wonderful chance for bloggers to share their favorite posts and also to read other people’s posts. I have found many fascinating ones to read and follow. The awesome competition Kathleen, Joanne, and the other hosts have started this year is “a crown” and recognition of your blog at the top of the post each weekend, for people who comment on the most posts.

Nothing like a bit of healthy competition to help you find some amazing new blogs to read and some new blogger friends even! 

“Last week (yay!) I won the crown” so please check out the Blogger’s Pit Stop #72 to find some amazing other blogs to read and follow. As well make sure to follow so next week, so you can add your link and can comment on other posts!

Cheers and GO OilERS GO!! Round 3 of the playoffs, here we come! 

Source: Blogger’s Pit Stop #72 – The Blogger’s Lifestyle