Day 13 – NaPoWriMo/ A to Z Challenge/Sunday Photo Fiction: Poem – Ghazals – “The Dragon Boat Returns to Shore” #NaPoWriMo #AtoZchallenge #poetry #flashfiction

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a ghazal. The GoodReads Quote begins with the letter for the A to Z Challenge. Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF as well. 

“A Ghazal is a poem that is made up like an odd numbered chain of couplets, where each couplet is an independent poem. It should be natural to put a comma at the end of the first line. The Ghazal has a refrain of one to three words that repeat, and an inline rhyme that preceedes the refrain. Lines 1 and 2, then every second line, has this refrain and inline rhyme, and the last couplet should refer to the authors pen-name… The rhyming scheme is AA bA cA dA eA etc.”


Dragon Boat SPF
Credit: Alistair Forbes – A Mixed Bag

“And though I came to forget or regret all I have ever done, yet I would remember that once I saw the dragons aloft on the wind at sunset above the western isles; and I would be content.” Ursula K. Le Guin, The Farthest Shore

The dragon boats arrive, the sea pulling them into shore,

Watching remotely from a distance, will he be on shore?

For many months they wandered, the boat their prized shelter,

Now they are home, the boat still floats, they’re at the shore.

I’m afraid to see them, brothers, their friends, so dear to me changed,

I wave, my kin they come forward their eyes remote, onto shore.

They’re gaunt, they’re battle worn, they need food, steaming hot baths to soothe,

Once they settle, they talk, thick coats warm them on the shore.

My brothers, my childhood friends, have lost part of themselves,

On the ocean suffered, in baren lands they smote on the cold shore.

They’ve treasures, furs, they’ve jewels, silver, gold — they lost their life spark,

Gazing at my love, his face coated in grime, eyes dead on shore.

The days pass by, the village returns to normal almost,

Except the men who left; returned forever remote to shore.

I talk to him, I talk to my brothers, hearing how each piece,

Of their self died, no matter we doated on them on shore.

Time passes, I think I’m seeing things when his eyes alter,

Warmth returns, he takes my hand, away from the boat on shore.




©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.

8 thoughts on “Day 13 – NaPoWriMo/ A to Z Challenge/Sunday Photo Fiction: Poem – Ghazals – “The Dragon Boat Returns to Shore” #NaPoWriMo #AtoZchallenge #poetry #flashfiction”

    1. Thanks SD. Yeah it’s a bit hard to pick up, especially because it’s a form I don’t do all the time, but whatever the form us excellent on teaching one how. The syllable count is whatever you like, and you need that repeating word (or three or fit words) at the end of every second line after the first two, as well as a rhyme within that A line that changes in each couplet. I tried to show that with italicizing and bold. I know someone said a lot of Indian and Middle Eastern countries use this form in their music.

      Thanks for reading 🙂 it is almost a chant though, you are right. Suits the Viking nature of it I guess. Happy Easter weekend.

      Where are you from, btw, if I may ask?

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    1. Thank you Al for reading and the feedback . I’d have to play around with it, but in the ghazal form there is supposed to be that one word at the end that always repeats (or a few words) so it’s hard to get around. I’m glad you enjoyed it and were able to sense the changes as it went on. Thanks Al 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. I have always had difficulty with a repeated word, I don’t like using the same word anywhere in a three to four line area and defintely not in the same sentence. Unless it is one of the normal fillers.

        This would be next to impossible for me to do as I would be pulling my hair out and finally give up lol.

        Well done for doing it and a good job too.

        Liked by 1 person

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