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G is for “Grass Skirt” #atozchallenge @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge2017

Check out Marquessa’s A to Z story, today’s is an excellent part šŸ™‚

Simply Marquessa

And if I was truly honest with myself, when I looked at him, all I could think of was which would taste better ā€“ the Dole Whip I had sampled or himā€¦

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Dying was hard work and all I had wanted to do was sleep, sleep and sleep some more. But after the dream I had just had when I nodded off, my desire for sleep had completely disappeared.

Stretched out on my lounge chair next to the pool, I tried to decipher what the dream had meant. I had seen myself standing high on a mountaintop, my arms outstretched wide as if to embrace the vast blue ocean that lay beneath meā€¦

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