Collage Prompt: Poem – Tankas – “Not Perfect and Better For It” #amwriting #poetry #fiction 

Thanks to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting this week’s collage prompt.


Credit: MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie


Poor little Anne tried,

So hard to fit in; she can’t —

Conform to their look.

Sense of presence in her glance,

Terror; they don’t know freedom.


Yet Anne tries and tries,

To be a cardboard box just —

Like all the others.

Left alone at recess eating,

Ripe oranges, she’s exotic fruit.


But they don’t invite —

Her to their parties, Anne cries,

She doesn’t see why,

She has to be so different,

A plant from foreign soil torn.


Anne grows into her —

Self; she stops being afraid,

Sees her beauty is —

That she’s unique not like all,

Those other girls, loathing her.


In grade school there’s this —

Small boy painted in war paint,

His Dad went to war,

He didn’t return home, saddened —

Anne helps him; he remembers —


So years later they’re —

Attached — those girls all want him.

But his friend is his —

Love; she was with him,

All along; the handsome man,

Love’s different, not perfect Anne.


Though she struggles hard,

Hoping for female friends, he says,

He loves imperfect her,

Because she doesn’t have to

Be ‘like them’; she can be good.


Then she starts meeting —

Others, women who become —

Her tribe, with her guy.

The gazes of jealousy —

Double, but Anne doesn’t care.


Anne is as a bird,

A swallow singing sweetly.

She’s lively, vivid;

Her eyes shine bright; he loves his —

Anne, contently, completely.


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.


5 thoughts on “Collage Prompt: Poem – Tankas – “Not Perfect and Better For It” #amwriting #poetry #fiction ”

  1. This is wonderful; like your version of the Amalie story with its own twists and turns. This seems like a good version of the story so many of us here in this community could tell. Real people, not fitting the expected mold, fascinating, finding their way, sharing their stories, with people who embrace all the little imperfections that make us so interesting. Really wonderful stuff here!

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  2. Pingback: I hear an echo of Amalie in these poems, more interesting because of the imperfections we try to buff out to “Fit.” | sailorpoet
  3. i loved the last line, He loves his Anne contently, completely. I think loving completely is not too difficult to achieve as many people have such generous hearts and love all parts of another person, but loving contently, I took it to mean two things maybe even both at once. Loving in contentment of himself, meaning he was content with the person he was so he could love her freely and at the same time loving the content she brought to his life that made him complete. Reading from the start the way their relationship developed, they were just as important to the other in discovering love and life. Lovely words Mandibelle. Spoke to my heart!


  4. Love’s different, not perfect Anne.

    I really loved this line so often people have this illusion about what relationships are supposed to be like. Like the other person is programmable or something. At the first sign of struggle they head off for the next relationship and the next illusion. A healthy relationship takes a lot of work and even then there are going to be difficult situations to navigate.

    A journey of self-acceptance one I feel like continues well passed adolescence! I am still on that journey, still getting to know myself!


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