100 Word Wednesday: Setting the Scene #amwriting #flashfiction #100WordWednesday

Thanks to Bikurgirl for hosting #100WordWednesdays.


Credit: Bikurgirl


The high school drama teacher, Mr. Elf, decided the school would peform a modern English version of “The Canturbury Tales.” Vernon was recruited to help paint the set and he would’ve been pleased to paint the entire set alone; however, he had to share creative control with Stacy who was also a ‘so-called’ gifted artist. Much fighting occurred.

The day before the performance the extras hung the scenery. Mr. Elf was shocked to see exactly half of the set painted in a superb realistic manner while the other half was rendered using fantastic painterly strokes in the style of impressionist painters. The set was discussed enormously by the audience at all three performances and neither Vernon or Stacy will speak to each other to this day.


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6 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Setting the Scene #amwriting #flashfiction #100WordWednesday”

  1. The flair for the dramatic runs deep not only with the audience, but with the artists themselves. Creative differences often are at the core of many disagreements, be it art or life, but having the fortitude to give grace and space — rise above — is a virtue that never goes out of style. Wonderfully told tale — thank you for joining us!

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    1. Thanks Bikurgurl. My brother was involved in many plays doing lights, behind the scenes, and stage managing even after university. He’s too busy now but I remember there were people who just clashed personality and creativity wise, not only who he ended up working with but others he’d have to ‘mediate’ btw.

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