Three Line Tales: Unicorns #amwriting #fantasy #3LineTales #quotes 

Thank you to Sonya of Only 100 Words for hosting #3LineTales. All images found through Google.


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Saturday Mix: A Pug Life #amwriting #flashfiction #pugs 

Thanks to Lorraine from MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting Saturday Mix. We have a cute tale to tell this week, life from a pug’s view. You can see the little guy/gal below:


Credit: Lorraine 2017
Credit: Lorraine 2017 – MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie

“So you’re home. It’s about time, I had to go outside and use the grass but you took your sweet time coming home today. You shouldn’t do that — I hate going on the rug because you label me a ‘bad dog.’ But I’d like to see you hold it from 8:30 am until 6:00 pm at night. 

Oh by the way, I ate kibble for breakfast and supper and you were stingy on the foods scraps. I live for table scraps. Well that and going to the offleash park but I’m feeling suspicious. Last Saturday you promised the off leash park and instead I ended up at the V-E-T. I know what that means now! 

The V-E-T is a nasty guy, he cut my nails, a couple so short they bled. And those ‘shots,’what did I ever do to you but love you? You deserved it when I ignored you the next two days.” 

“Here Carla, treat Carla. Sit pretty!”

“Oh yes, you said treat! I want it now. I’ll beg, sit pretty, act all lovey, whatever you want!!!” 


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Sonnet on Being Seventeen by Amanda Elfert (ME, AT 17 Poetry and Prose Series)

A piece published on Silver Birch Press, A Sonnet on Being Seventeen. Thanks to them for the honour!

Silver Birch Press

elfert1aSonnet on Being Seventeen
by Amanda Elfert

At seventeen, I didn’t know much just,
Not much of anything; painful hurts would cut.
I gazed in the mirror wishing I was what,
Guys found beautiful, not a red complexion.
But skin cleared for grad photos somewhat,
And graduation was a monumental strut;
Into the wide world of a young adult but —
Drunk for first time, on two pints of beer chugged.
But made great friends, started with tea, no fear —
When fortune teller read our palm, seer —
Said I was too quiet, had to live, learn not be,
Girl committing to first guy of her dreams.
Then off to Mexican Orphanage, saw clear,
Those in need, how vital is charity.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Myself, age 17, at the San Diego Zoo on my high school’s mission and services trip to an orphanage in Mexico.


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That’s So Jacob’s Blog March Madness  #blogging #writing #beauty #religion #fiction 

Thanks to That’s So Jacob for the nomination. The goal of this event is to choose find five blogs and give them a follow, and then nominate them for the same award for the That’s Jacob Blog. So here are the five blogs I’ve found lately!


Credit: Best Techie

1. Mirifique Beauty  – A Beauty Blog and a good one 🙂

2. I’m Ashamed to Die Until I’ve Won Some Victory for Humanity – Havau22 – a spiritual blog

3. Arrowhead Freelance and Publishing– an extremely helpful writing blog!

4. Powered by Robots — a most excellent fiction blog!

5. SingleDust — some inspiring poetry and fiction from a wonderful lady 🙂


P.S. I follow so many blogs and I love you all and reading your pieces. I tried to pick ones I’ve most recently become aware of as I think that’s what this March Madness thing is about. Cheers, have a great weekend! And just to note, I’m usually an award free zone but I thought this was a good challenge, sharing other blogs 🙂 


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