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Spotlight On Writers – Amanda Eifert – Spillwords

I had the privilege of being interviewed for You can check out the interview here! presents: Spotlight on Writers – Amanda Eifert, a writer from Alberta, Canada, who writes fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

Source: Spotlight On Writers – Amanda Eifert – Spillwords

13 thoughts on “Spotlight On Writers – Amanda Eifert – Spillwords”

  1. Great interview, Amanda! I love what you said about it being impossible to define a person with just a few words, because we are all made up of so many different facets. Your list was great too, especially “French language butcherer” — I can relate to that one, for sure! I agree about “ethereal” too, what a great word. I’m sorry to hear that you have such problems with depression and fatigue. I’ve had a few episodes of major depression in my life, and I would not wish that on anyone. I know what you mean about it limiting your energy and your social life, too. Such a vicious cycle, that depression makes it harder to connect to those people who could help with your depression. I wish you strength and patience. ❤

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    1. Thanks so much Joy. I, glad you liked the interview and could relate. Thank you for your kind words I appreciate them and I’m sorry you’ve had your struggles with depression. I have great friends who are so understanding but it’s hard missing out sometimes as you know, when it be helped. Have a lovely Saturday 🙂

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      1. I’m glad you have friends who are understanding. When you’re dealing with something like this, you find out who your real friends are, and appreciate them even more. Hope you have a great weekend!

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      1. I read the interview and it was amazing. More grease to your elbow Mandi 💪. I loved how you talked about your residence, the love you have for it could be felt through your words.

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      2. I would love to, someday. It’s one of the places I’d love to visit. My highschool is currently staying in Ottawa. My only perk is the cold. I have a low tolerance to it 😁


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