Sunday Photo Fiction: Awakening the Dragon #flashfiction #amwriting #dragon

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF. 


Credit: A Mixed Bag


Sophia hid in her closet, it was her only safe place. Hanging on a ceiling was a mobile with a handcrafted dragon. She remembered thinking the dragon was frightening, but whenever the darkness in her room swallowed her, the dragon’s eyes flashed; the shadows were obliterated. 

She also remembered when her mom first hit her. She scrubbed Sophia’s cut and it was excruciating as was the burning stringent liquid her mom poured on it.

 Suddenly, Sophia heard yelling and stomping. The closest door flew open — her mother was drunk again. 
Instantly, the dragon’s eyes above her caught fire. He grew into a monster with golden scales and the scent of fire and ash, spreading and filling Sophia’s entire bedroom. He blew a blaze of fire at her mom but only the bottle of Kirkland Tequila (1.75 Litres/$20.00) in her mom’s hand disintegrated. 

In words veiled in smoke the dragon hissed at Sophia’s mom who nodded; she understood the dragon’s warning. He breathed out his last plume of smoke and except for the acrid smell, it was if Sophie’s dragon had never awoken. 

She crawled out of her hiding place and petted the handcrafted dragon hearing him purr.


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


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26 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Awakening the Dragon #flashfiction #amwriting #dragon”

    1. Good question. I’m not really sure. There was a show on in Canada on Space called Merlin about young Merlin, his mentor Gaius, and King Author before he became king. Young Merlin often sought this dragon out for advice and help. So I guess since the ‘Britons’ are where King Arthur may or may not come from — probably

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      1. I think I started watching the first season of that before the discs went bad. Liked it. Good adaption from Mallory.
        Western dragons represent our egos or desires. We slay them in our minds as we slay ourselves.

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      2. In the east, dragons are a great benefic and associated with good fortune. It is considered very good luck to be born in the year of the dragon. Under a one child policy in China this presented certain situations. (Having more than one child meant that the only official child registered would be the one born under the dragon). Dragons represent those aspects of the character or personality that grow and take on life beyond mortal.

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      3. Just got my reminder for the morning that I am nuts. Good to know. At least I know I am hrmless funny and nuts…. more like an eastern dragon

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      4. That dragon was voiced by the late and great John Hurt. I never got around to watching the final season of Merlin, but it was really good. I hated the idea of it at first because of Arther and Uther being in the show at the same time wasn’t right to me. But when you look at it as a reimagining, it takes on a whole new life.

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  1. loved this Mandi – firstly for the magical story crafted with such care and deliberate words, and then for the comfort it brings, kids living with trauma need an escape and fierce protector, you have made all the forgotten, hurt kids very happy today, they will know sweet Mandibelle has remembered them.

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    1. Thank you Lisa. I got the idea after reading a few other stories, where the writers wrote about a Chinese tradition of dragons being protective.

      For little Sophia it’s like the dragon is het ‘knight’ so to speak. I was going for that childlike fear and helplessness that only something like a dragon could stop.

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