Three Line Tales: Low Places #amwriting #music #3LineTales

Thanks to Sonya of Only 100 Words for hosting #3LineTales.


Credit: Edwin Undrade via UnSplash


The resonance of his voice carries in the arena, an audience enthralled by the first twang of his voice. 

He’s a brilliant musician, the epitome of which other Country artists aspire to be –a world wide known musician, a gifted storyteller, with a beautiful famous wife. 

The cadence of his final song’s chorus resounds as he considers the eight more shows he’s playing here; the last lyrics hover in the ambience of the audience as he leaves the stage:”Oh, I’ve got friends in low places.” 


Note: Where I live, Garth Brooks is performing. His concerts kept selling out so they continued to add new shows, even weekend afternoon performances, until he was performing for nine shows. We’re pretty impressed that he’d play nine shows in our city. If he added a show or two more I’m sure they’d sell out as well; I still couldn’t get tickets 🙂 


“Low Places” by Garth Brook


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11 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: Low Places #amwriting #music #3LineTales”

  1. oddly enough but I love country music and blue grass – my father’s influence – i listened to Charlie Pride and John Denver growing up and discovered others just like this. Loved the way you gave him the mention here – I never knew they did that – add shows on! thank you for sharing the beautiful music.

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    1. Thank you SingleDust. Towards the end of high school and in university I got into country music. The guy singers in the Country music videos are so much better looking than most pop/top 40 singers.

      And all around these people are so talented. I’ve been to quite a few country concerts and there is literally no difference in the way they sound live and on iTunes/Spotify. I guess I just fell in love with the music.

      Love all kinds of music but so many fun nights at country bars two-stepping and line dancing. Just great memories 🙂


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