Three Line Tales: A Stand Out Guy #amwriting #fiction #3LineTales 

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I told them I couldn’t do it anymore because the hours were too long and even after twenty-years, I never felt recognized for my achievements. Management said I was a ‘nobody’ that there was nothing different about me from any other employee they dealt with, but then I found out other storm troopers felt the same way I did. Just because we’re clones doesn’t mean we do everything exactly the same, that some of us aren’t better workers than others –so here we are brainstorming ideas of how we can as individuals stand out in The Empire and to the Emporer; I’m excited things have gone this far. 


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23 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: A Stand Out Guy #amwriting #fiction #3LineTales ”

      1. Sounds like episode 8 you saw. The force awakens. Rogue One was the most recent one. It was a stand alone film within the star wars franchise. It picks up from the end of Revenge of the Sith and tells a sub story going into Episode 4, a new hope.

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      2. I really liked Rogue One. Felt more adult in it’s drama. Tragic in a Shakespearean sense yet very appropriate for the story. Looking forward to the new film from the other frnanchise on May 26th… Dead men tell no tales

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      3. Pirates is my favorite too. Seaward expansion, piracy, and magic…. perfect. I don’t even like Johnny Depp that much these days and I could see that world going on forever without his character if need be. Great franchise

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      4. I just don’t like him as someone who won’t pay taxes. I consider paying taxes a privilege after some of the gutters I have eaten in. I like that my government will give others opportunities I have had. I like being a citizen. I also respect other nation’s borders. It is a privilege to cross borders not a right. Some people never know how lucky they are. Poor souls

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  1. I take a bit of that back actually. This Chinese migrant on this tram presents a pretty good argument in favor of Depp and his 2 dogs skipping the boarders here

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    1. Oh yeah I heard about that. I thought the gov’t was only trying to make an example of him. That they threatened to put his dogs down and actually tried to. I don’t know all details but I don’t think he’d of minded paying the fine, but the way he sand his dogs were treated wasn’t nice. I think he’s a good actor is all. Very versatile 🙂


      1. Our ecosystem and quarantine very sensitive. He could have destroyed 2 industries and several local economires which is many families in that area. No one gave a shit who he was or wasn’t. Not about a fine. Infection control. Then again I have known doctors who wouldn’t wash their hands in NICU units because doctors don’t carry germs. I have found in recent years that science degrees don’t mean much in some cases. Who knows? I have an exceptional academic career. It actually puts me well behind the monkeys and cowards. Stopping a woman being killed by 8 men actually made me a fuckwit to many including the cops once. Only person who turned up after to say thank you eas the poor lady I saved

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      2. Good to hear your view point. We only get the gossip up north so who knows what’s true sometimes. Science is very good but also limited at times — more than doctors or researchers will admit. But then they also have made great progress. The law where you live I don’t know about. Police here are pretty decent but there are occurrences. Good night off to bed, busy day ahead 🙂

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  2. This is great Amanda – interesting to hear from the faceless clones, the underclass so badly used by the Empire. It would make an interesting side story – if the stormtroopers have thoughts and feelings about what they do, if they suffer mental stress from it. Great take

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