Collage Photo Challenge: Poem – Wrapped Refrains – “For the Words That Aren’t Understood” #poetry #amwriting #words 

Thanks to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting this week’s Collage Prompt: 


Credit: MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie


She’ll hide her words, tuck them away, 

She thinks she has nothing to say. 

She used to speak up to ensure, 

Her words were heard; no assurance —

Made her feel dejected as if —

Her thoughts were to subtle to sniff

Words a sweet scent no one inhaled; over her spoke, 

Scent of fresh air too much; instead they inhaled smoke. 


She wasn’t a peacock preening

Often she preferred moonlight’s gleam.

She would watch the twighlight fade, 

Wishing life was creative, sane

That someone understood these threads, 

Wrapping up loose ends; writes but dreads, 

‘Cause voices as hers, shouldn’t be screamed to be heard, 

Someone must believe her, lock in their mind her words. 


There’s nothing wrong wishing for love, 

On the day love is honoured, shoves —

Them all away –their false love, 

Their riddles; such thoughts begrudges

Alone, happiness for others–

Sick feeling from ex’s and oh’s. 

She dated and kissed, let them take her to bliss; but missed —

Having no man understand, words behind her sweet kiss. 


Butterflies fly, back and forth inside —

Her bright mind, she wonders where to hide? 

When each room has a lock and all

Hold the key to come through, stall, pause, 

Keep her from the purpose she knows

Trails, wisps, of words wandering bold —

Spending moments turning words she must write, true though —

Knows her legacy is when they read her pen strokes. 


When she carves her soul in a box —

Holds it out far, undoes the lock. 

So outside, inside she’s seen whole, 

Not fragments — a person with soul. 

Someone who cares who you’d like to —

See more; maybe you see clear through, 

You know she isn’t the darkness where secrets abide, 

She’s the straight-forward girl with purpose excited. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 

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