Photo Challenge: Poem – Italian Sonnet – “Gentle Dreams” #amwriting #poetry #rebirth

Thanks to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting this week’s photo challenge:


Credit: Natalie Deprina


“Maybe love isn’t something that comes full circle. It just ebbs and flows, in and out just like the people in our lives” – Colleen Hoover, It Ends With Us


Sometimes we think, it’s easy to manage to–

Balance the flow of our lives, each passage, 

Of words and wonders we travel down fast. 

Of memories, dreams curling blissfully through. 

Of laughter, lovereason to again bloom, 

Beyond the memories trapping us, lasting; 

Never completely leaving until they pass, 

In moments they choose, new whispers approve; 

The coming of the dawn, when slumber breaks, 

Though we’re scarred and hollow, gloves of lace

Will hide the marks of yesterday; fashion

A hug giving warmth, with new love, sweet dreams. 

Yesterday fades, sparks today’s gentle stream

Brings reassurance, your arms hold me dear


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Poem – Italian Sonnet – “Gentle Dreams” #amwriting #poetry #rebirth”

  1. Beautifully written. I think that love is something that needs to be worked at. In the beginning it may seem magical, but to keep that magic requires work.
    My friend Opal and I wrote our piece based on my real life experiences as part of a WIP novel that a group of us are working on. I have a history of self-injury, and my now ex husband was sympathetic to my issues, which is why I married him. We were oil and water, however. I have rapid cycling type 2 bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, and he’s an Aspie. We are good friends but were not a good fit romantically.

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    1. Glad you liked the poem Cara. I’m sorry for your struggles. So many things make life difficult such as chronic illness. It’s hard for others to understand these kinds of illnesses, and often hard to live with them for others stand points. We want what everyone else has, happy relationships. But I think, everyone as their issues whoever they are. Best of luck finding someone who understands romantically!


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