Three Line Tales: A Million Times Better #3LineTales #nonfiction #amwriting 

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Credit: Jennifer Pallian via UpSplash


Everyone either loves or hates fruit bread and more often than not, this stiff and solid rock like cake which sits in your stomach as if you’ve ingested a stone, is detested by many people. No matter the tradition or reason we bake/eat fruit bread at Christmas, it is a custom many of us wonder about; I can honestly say, however, there is only one fruit bread in the world I love because it tastes wonderful and is nothing like any fruit bread I’ve ever tasted before, or will ever taste again. 

Grandma’s fruit bread wasn’t like traditional loaves of fruit bread because it was soft and tempting as I believe, any kind of bread should be; inside her bread was sugared and candied fruits much like traditional fruit bread, except my Grandma’s fruit bread was melt in your mouth and we used to toast a small slice or two for breakfast during the holidays and have it with becel; the buttery, sweet, soft bread was delicious and makes me hungry thinking about it; Grandma’s fruit bread was not traditional fruit bread — it was a million times better.


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10 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: A Million Times Better #3LineTales #nonfiction #amwriting ”

  1. Amanda, I was smiling when I read the first part of this. Why is it that fruit bread literally weighs a ton? They never looked as wonderful as in the image you’ve used, they almost always looked rather unappealing. This said, your Grandma’s fruit bread truly sounds wonderful. Will you be enjoying it on Christmas morning? Happy Holidays to you and yours. ~ Mia 🙂 ☃️

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    1. Hi Mia.

      Merry Christmas! The picture was provided for the prompt three Line Tales. It’s rather a nice one I agree, compared to most fruit bread high does pay a ton.

      My Grandma is 87 now and has been in a seniors residence a couple of years. She is also diabetic and her health has really gone down since moving to her new place. She does have a stove etc, but I don’t think she’ll baking much if at all anymore. I think her fruit bread was quite special, so different than other kinds.

      Maybe more like hot-crossed buns, if you had those around Easter time? The bread itself was white though and just a delicious treat. I’m going to have to go Wikipedia the history of fruit bread, it’s truly awful.

      Enjoy your Christmas! Are you spending it with family, friends? Relaxing on the beach 🙂

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      1. Amanda, do you have the recipe? It certainly must be delicious. I don’t believe I’ve ever had hot crossed buns, is that an Easter tradition that I missed out on? I will be with family, and you? I don’t think I will be making it to the beach, more rain in the forecast. 🙂

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      2. Hot Cross buns, yeah it’s an Easter tradition there are crosses on the buns , symbolism for Jesus dying I guess. I don’t have an exact recipe, my Grandma’s exact one, but here is a recipe close to what her hot crossed buns are like. Besides raisins, you could add some other type of fruit as well. They recipe had good reviews, I hope it’s not to hard. If not Around Easter, you should be able to find the buns fresh from any supermarket with a bakery, and they are quite excellent. I’m not sure if you have Sobeys/Safeway there? They have delicious ones.

        Here’s the recipe. Sorry about the beach and enjoy time with your family.

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      3. Amanda, thank you for the recipe, it doesn’t look too difficult. We used to have Safeway, I don’t think they’re around anymore, because I don’t remember seeing one in a while. 😦 Thank you, enjoy your family time as well, have fun. 🙂

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