Suicide Isn’t Always Painless

On Depression, Suicide, and the Holidays. A powerful piece.


8 thoughts on “Suicide Isn’t Always Painless”

    1. Pretty poem, it does not hide the facts though. Suicide is more often than not, an act of desperation. A person, especially with a mental illness, or experiencing one they’ve never had before,are not thinking clearly or soundly. They could be hallucinating, or so down in the dumps and sad, they think killing themselves is better for their families and those alive. I have to disagree with your opinion on this, most suicide in our society is not being a coward. It bothers me you used that word, since I have more than sufficient knowledge of suicide and know it is anything but.


      1. well i will say i do not agree. but i know that all too often we are not in our right minds. but yes suicide is preventable. i think it is selfish. but i respect your take and your passion. keep on and keep talking to me

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      2. This is a personal experience, with an extremely close family friend, a woman I always looked up to growing up, my own dealings with depression/mental illness, and other people I’ve known through friends. They are not thinking soundly or reasoning well, they may be hearing things or seeing things, they maybe so sad they cannot lift themselves up and that’s a dangerous place to be. It’s not their fault they’re there. Are there situations that are purely selfish? Perhaps but most often a person committing suicide is desperate and feels/thinks they are making the best and wisest choice for their loved ones and themselves. We are not Romans falling on our swords because it is a more honourable death than capture.


      3. Hemingway had hemochromatosis. Before he shot himself he was paranoid and as a result of his body being unable to metabolize iron was physically and mentally deteriorating. Again, you miss that he was not in a good mental state, not being selfish, but paranoid and holding other older delusions. This was a huge factor in his suicide.


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