Sunday Photo Fiction: Not To Touch #amwriting #flashfiction #fiction

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF. 


A Mixed Bag


I’m reminded of a science experiment my class did in grade five. We used chalk to grow crystals on them. The exact process I don’t remember, but I do recall feeling proud upon removing a piece of chalk from my container and finding various coloured crystals on it. 

I thought back to this day when I saw the trees begin to glitter with crystals. It had been extremely cold and blizzardy, so we all assumed it was naturally, the accumulation of ice crystals. But then the trees became covered in crystals of all colours.

 There were bright lavender crystals and cyan blue crystals. There were even bubble gum pink crystals. Everyone thought this was the most beautiful and unique oddity. Journalists came from every city across the country, to report on this rarity for themselves. 

Then, scientists in the area starting testing the crystals and while they were lovely on the trees, the were not so lovely attached to your skin. They crystals once fastened, would not unfasten from one’s skin until a person was completely covered in them. Until their body was frozen, stiff, and dead as the trees which never budded in spring. 

Our town was nearly deserted by the time the military took over. The colourful forest was burned to the ground. 

The most heart breaking aspect for everyone was that the small children were the first to touch the trees. They had the smallest bodies and didn’t last long. I think it’s the reason so many people started over, the unbearable misery they left behind. 


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25 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Not To Touch #amwriting #flashfiction #fiction”

    1. That’s the thing, you don’t really know. It popped up out of no where in this one fictional town and the military/gov’t probably made sure little info got out about what happened. The crystals killed the trees,scientists who touched them, and sadly the little ones because they of course would be drawn to colourful things and would still touch when told not to. They covered a person’s entire body and killed them. Made them rigid, froze the life from them, stopped their hearts. People were afraid they left and of course it was terribly sorrowful and sad about the small kids. But it is all fiction thank goodness.

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  1. I love how you made it look real. The poor kids, and the parents must have been must have been devastated when they went. A good story Mandi. Although that isn’t surprising, all your stories are good.

    One minor typo. In the fourth paragraph, you missed a y from they.

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    1. Aw, thank you so much Al. I really appreciate your compliment. Yeah, the first paragraph was real (my own experience in grade 5) then I got stuck and the fictional story developed from there. Thank you for pointing out the typo, it’s very helpful 🙂

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  2. What a creative (and scary) idea! I really like the science-gone-weird sense to it, and also how you make the colorful crystals on the trees sound so beautiful and magical, and yet they turn out to be deadly, especially to the children. Well done!

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  3. Loved this! Especially how you circled around your innocent childhood memories with this not-so-innocent phrasing “They had the smallest bodies and didn’t last long.”


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  4. Lovely write Amanda. The forest in your story must have been beautiful, so sad that it was so deadly for those that touched the crystals. What a fun experiment to do in grade 5, I didn’t know that chalk could grow anything! 😉 Stay warm and away from crystals! Have a fun day. ~ Mia

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