Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: Escaping Society #flashfiction #amwriting

Thanks to the lovely and gracious Priceless Joy for hosting FFftAW this last week. 


Credit: Louise – The Storyteller’s Abode
Violet read the letter her daughter had sent her in disbelief. To fathom a girl of Elizabeth’s quality of breeding would do this to her family was unimaginable

Harsh Victorian society could never know the truth of what Elizabeth had done and Violet wasn’t sure she could bear to keep in contact with her daughter.

She would focus on her other children. Violet’s sons had married well. Three of her daughters were also married suitably and having more children. Her two youngest daughters were courting wealthy gentlemen. 

Elizabeth if not cut-off from her family, could ruin them all. Violet reread part of her daughter’s letter once more in disgust: 

“Did you know Mama, there is such thing as a circus? Freaks of all kinds, but I love them because they’re genuine, not like the society you so desperately try to trap me in. Years of dance lessons have left me flexible. I pirouette far above the ground and dance in the air; I ride the elephants. 

It’s amazing travelling the world and I won’t be returning to London, except for an occasional visit of course. I’ve married one of the men who runs the circus. He is like me, gentry who has run away from a society of judgement. I love you and hope we can write, but I can’t be the woman you want me to be. . .” 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 


23 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: Escaping Society #flashfiction #amwriting”

    1. Thank you PJ. Happy you liked this one. It would have been much to long to include this, but the mother’ Violet, was middle class and her father had a lot of money so she was able to marry above her station. She has worked extremely hard to keep herself and her family in the upper echelons (upper level) of society. So if anyone found about Elizabeth it would be pretty scandalous! Thanks again 🙂


    1. Thanks Michnav. My idea is that Violet was a middle class woman, one whose Dad had a ton of money. So she was able to marry into gentry and high class Victorian society. Staying in of the highest places, being one of the most respected family in the city, takes effort and no scandal on part of her children — they marry well and her daughters are “Angels of the house” the moral centres of their family. There job is to make more babies and be good wives.

      Elizabeth doesn’t want to be apart of this and she leaves. I’m not sure if her mother will cut her off from her family completely have her husband do this in his will. I’m hoping Violet will be kind enough to Write her daughter and allow her and her circus husband to visit. But I’m thinking the visiting might be too embarrassing in Violets opinion. Thanks


  1. What a fantastic thing, to run away with the circus! I wonder how many women actually did this? You’d have to be so brave, knowing polite society would never take you back. Actresses were distreputable enough, but circus folk … Great tale Amanda

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