The Complexities of Red #thoughts #amwriting #nonfiction

Credit: Giovanni Licea – YouTube

I considered the colour red. How I’m equally attracted and repelled by it. How I pass by a red v-neck sweater in the right shade, but mix my acrylic colours, blend them until my instincts say stop; stop sign red. No wait . . . a bright cool startling red appears on my canvas. I think this is passion and passion is the boldest red. I think of how I not only crave to paint in vivid red, but in many vivid colours and textures. How I trace the feeling of layered paints with my fingers, and hunger for other colours with my eyes – blue, green, and purple. Though I adore all these colours, my favourite paintings are all in red.
 As with my love for sexy heels, which I adore in red too. If red is passion, what more can I say about women and sensuality then red shoes. They’re expression and fierceness. Like Kelly Picklers song “Red High Heels” — “I’m about to show you just how missing me feels, in my red high heels . . .” Red for revenge, red for moving on, red for love. But I hate red for love, it’s memory is sickening. He looked good in that colour – almost the best. 

Credit: Sam Roloff – “The Big Red One”
Yet red is so many things more. It’s anger, hate, rage, hurt, demons dreaming — the beast inside who does not die. Red is sinful, delicious, and deadly. It’s sex and power; a primilness. It’s royalty and blood, red blood spilled for in the body it’s blue (hence bluebloods). I love how classic red is — nothing more classic then a cat eye and red Bridget Bardot lips. Nothing as classic as red Mustang. 

I don’t wear red, the colour outshines me and doesn’t fit with such pale skin and blond hair. Please no red dress – I’d rather blend in and be a classic black or navy dress cut perfectly. But I seek out bits of red and cling to them, not wanting red to blind me. Only some sparkle and razzle dazzle to hold in my hand. Red nail polish is beautiful, with a bit of bling  Red as some of the lights in Las Vegas and red fireworks; red stoplights. 

Red is perplexing because it’s complex, not simple at all. Red is nationalism and red is internationalism. It’s a proud Canadian colour and I don’t mind wearing it on our Nation’s Birthday. Or cheering on our Canadian hockey teams in the Olympics and junior hockey. 

As well, roses are so divine, so deadly pricking your finger. Red, passion and pain. Together swirled these colours of red, of love, and hate collide. There are many shades of grey, but even more shades of red. It’s more than a primary colour it calls as a siren, “Look see me.” No one hides in red. Red cars are often caught barely speeding and Red is a theme of many songs albums as in “Red” as T. swifts song and album and the Beatles album “Redone.” Red as “My love is like a red red rose.” Some choral song I cannot recall. 

Credit: Jeannette Mattson – “Red Rose” – Fine Art America

But I’m sitting here, music blaring trying to decide what to paint. I’ve that special shade of red and it’s mixing and melding with other colours. Shades and tones. I see, red on my canvas and it bleeds. Red blood, blood . . .life, the most prolific association. Red is blood. Blood is life. Red such as poppies, that we must always remember. Red for anger, red for hate, for war. Red to hurt, poor the droplets down a crystal glass. Red red wine. To drink away the blood and crippling thoughts. Red to forget. I like a Malbec with bite. A Zinfandel to make me chatty. A Merlot or Cav-Sav with some friends. Red sangria is delicious. Red strawberry margaritas because there’s real fire in tequila. Red is too many things, too symbolic, too self-contradictory. Red is life. 


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19 thoughts on “The Complexities of Red #thoughts #amwriting #nonfiction”

  1. I too love Red color cause of its brightness mostly. ❤ 😉
    Other than that I too feel Red denotes passion, which is the fuel of one's life. Red is insanely sane color, and it does make everything seem so bright, and yet dangerous too at the same time.

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    1. I think I have a love-hate relationship with it. Sometimes I’m so drawn to it but on the other end repelled. Depends on the situation I guess. I do agree red’s brightness can be a great thing. It’s why many stores use it in their logo or store sign for instance. Why red lipstick is/was always popular 🙂 thanks for commenting.

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    1. That’s an interesting thought. I definitely see connotations of that with red. I’m drawn to it as I said when I paint or for somethings that’s an accessory, but not as a colour to wear. I’m not sure why. Thanks for commenting.

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    1. That’s interesting. I did a class on colour theory during an interior design certificate. The material we were given said men usually prefer more of an Orange-red and woman a cooler red, which I think would be more what maroon is. Though doing a quick search on it, Wikipedia says maroon is a brownish crimson or claret. But I agree with you red can be too intense. Thanks for your comment 🙂


  2. Red has been associated with both love and hatred…two opposing emotions…

    You gave us a fresher.perespective on “red”.
    Many has been said about it but i love the way you discussed it here…

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    1. Haha. I was just playing around when I first wrote the bare bones of this. I haven’t painted with acrylic in a while but I noticed I was constantly drawn to red and mixing colour with it. Then I started thinking about my interior design colour class, colours used in marketing and advertising etc.

      All these associations with red. Also, I’ve been thinking about a tattoo in watercolour style (nothing too big) but I’ve always wanted one. Red poppies are beautiful but I find I’m not so much into wearing red permanently but prefer blue or purple. But you can find beautiful poppies in these colours. Thanks for reading Melinda. I’m happy you liked this lol.

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