Stars In The Sky Reflect

Monica from Look Around, graciously had the poem “Stars In The Sky Reflect” posted on her blog as a guest post this week. You can take a look at the post here 🙂

look around!


Guest Post

by Amanda Eifert


Rondeau Form


So perfect, stars in the sky they reflect,

Why God formed you, made you so perfect.

Shining for you such beacons genuflect,

The rightness so moulded, creation construed —

Your skin and bones, beautiful and true.

Such dust and ash, made good, in all respects.


Graciousness —He bled for our disrespect,

Made you to be loved, adored though imperfect.

That’s why this man looks, catching your eyes true.

So perfect, stars in the sky they reflect.


mopana-stars-in-the-sky-reflect Credit: Lincoln Harrison – Photographer


Why he takes time, drinking you in –perfect,

Wonders how you’re created with such affect.

Made so he sees you and becomes unglued,

Knows his world is changing, each day proves —

Love of you, his girl, how you both connect.

So perfect, stars in the sky reflect.


Look around!

By the same…

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