Sunday Photo Fiction: Not Just Allergies #amwriting #flashfiction #writing 

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF. 


A Mixed Bag


Ginnie and Keegan gazed out across the city far away from the mountainous hill they had climbed. 

“I’m exhausted. I don’t know how I’ll ever get down from here,” Ginnie mumbled, trying to catch her breath. 

Keegan smiled. “This was only a two-day hike? How are you ever going to do the West Coast Trail? There’s so much climbing involved in that one. We’ve got to train more.” 

“Seriously Keegan, I told you I’m not into hiking that much. I can barely breathe as it is. It’s not only that I’m out of shape; it’s difficult with allergies, inhaling grass, pollen, and fungi.” 

Keegan laughed, “What about your inhaler? Did you take your allergy medication?” 

“Yeah, I’ve used them both. I know you don’t get it but often my throats feels constricted.”

“Are you having troubles breathing?” Keegan asked worriedly. 

“I’m fine. It’ll be okay if we have lunch and rest. Hey what’s that?” 

Behind them a great cloud had mushroomed up in the sky from the city miles away. A great whooshing sound could be heard echoing from down in the valley. Even far away, sirens could be heard.

Ginnie started to cough and wheeze and Keegan patted her back, “Breathe babe, breathe.” 

But then Keegan himself was having trouble breathing. A putrid smell was in the air. He peered at Ginnie almost unconscious beside him as they both fell to the ground. 

Keegan reached for Ginnie’s hand and then he began to cough. Before he collapsed he muttered, “I think this is chemical warfare, or worse.” 

Both Keegan and Ginnie lay still. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

29 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Not Just Allergies #amwriting #flashfiction #writing ”

  1. What an awful thing to witness, and awful to experience too! I can see why you went dark with this picture. I had a story idea in mind that actually wasn’t that depressing but ran out of time to write it… 😦

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  2. Amanda, “Not Just Allergies” took me by surprise, great flash fiction. I wasn’t expecting such a tragic ending, wonderful writing, and terrific dialogue. This really could be home town, Anywhere. Wishing you a great evening, enjoy the rest of your week, take care. ~ Mia 🙂

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    1. Hi Mia. Thanks for the comment. Yes I think the surprising ending works. Chemicals would be in the air so it would travel even far away. I think that’s the scary thing that it could be a small town anywhere. Thanks for your comments. I have a piece of yours I’m looking to comment on when my concentration is a bit clearer 🙂 Have a great Thursday!

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      1. Hi Amanda, you’re very welcome. So true, when they measure how far chemicals travel it’s frightening. (You’re so kind, please don’t give it a second thought, take care of yourself.) Thank you for the Thursday wishes, you too. 🙂

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