November Notes: Day 7 – Poem – Rondeau – “Stars In The Sky Reflect” #novembernotes #poetry #coldplay #amwriting

Today’s prompt song is one of my most favourite songs, “Yellow” by Coldplay.


“Yellow” – ColdPlay



So perfect, stars in the sky they reflect, 

Why God formed you, made you so perfect. 
Shining for you such beacons genuflect, 
The rightness so moulded, creation construed —

Your skin and bones, beautiful and true. 

Such dust and ash, made good, in all respects.


Graciousness —He bled for our disrespect, 

Made you to be loved, adored though imperfect. 

That’s why this man looks, catching your eyes true.

So perfect, stars in the sky they reflect. 


Why he takes time, drinking you in –perfect, 

Wonders how you’re created with such affect. 

Made so he sees you and becomes unglued, 

Knows his world is changing, each day proves —

Love of you, his girl, how you both connect. 

So perfect, stars in the sky reflect. 



©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 


Love your curves!

Wise words from Sasha!

Sasha Writings


Getting a Zero size figure by controlling all your cravings and dreaming to become as someone is no way fun in life!Life is so short and and it’s not the time to hold all the cravings.
No matter what happens just have all the things you want to have and just be yourself. No matter whether you look bubbly,fat or slim and skinny,just be happy because one should be beautiful from inside and one should be happy by being as the way they are and as the way  they want!Love your curves no natter how they bulged and how you look,because beauty is all about the heart that matters!


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