B&P’s Shadorma Challenge: “Winter is Here” #amwriting #poetry #shadorma

Thanks to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting the Shadorma Challenge: 


MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie


There are many poems, 

Written of Fall, it’s glory. 

Enough wrote, 

It’s winter. 

Snow has come twice and it’s —

Looking to remain. 


Ah yes, yellow,orange . . .

I’ve heard it before, even of —

Maple leaves, 

Beautiful red. 

But all these colours, snow has —

Covered; the roads ice slick. 


Our Autumn is short, 

Mostly warm this year until, 

The snow came;

Griefs us with —

Scraping car windows early, 

Less sleep, horrid frost. 


Another Fall poem, it’s —

In the past now, we’re snowed in;

Many months 

To Come now. 

It’s past mid-October, and —

Winter will not budge. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 


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I'm a Canadian girl who loves the local sports scene. The NHL and CFL And recently, some NFL games. Also, I’m into hatha yoga, walks in the river valley; drawing and painting, makeup, hairstyles, and the beauty niche. Also, I enjoy learning about improving my writer the other topics in seminars, classes, TED Talks, and podcasts. I’m a casual Freelance writer and worker. Both on various subjects of academia in the humanities, social sciences, business, arts, and architecture. I’ve also freelanced blog in beauty, health, skincare, and related topics. I’m an excellent researcher in most any subject. I’m also a freelancer of a different kind for a company called Givergy. Moreover, I love dogs and love hanging out with my friends and family whenever I'm able. I enjoy spring, summer, and early fall when the weathers warm and there are many festivals and activities occurring. I'm also a writing fanatic. Check-out some of my published poetry on www.spillwords.com. I’ve been published on other literary sites, as well. Recently, I had a short story published in a Cinderella Anthology, Cinderella Reimagined. It’s available here: https://www.amazon.com/Cinderella-Reimagined-Anthology-Retellings/dp/1979701970/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1523903011&sr=8-1&keywords=cinderella+reimagined If you need to contact me or are a blogger/writer or a blogger for a cause and are interested in being Interviewed, please visit my ‘contact page’ at the top of my blog.

21 thoughts on “B&P’s Shadorma Challenge: “Winter is Here” #amwriting #poetry #shadorma”

    1. Winter can be really beautiful too. Snow is amazing, just not getting stuck in it and shovelling the car out because they won’t plot your streets soon enough and you lie downhill. But last winter was surprisingly warm so we’ll see. Thanks for stopping by my friend 🙂 I emailed u from your contact page. Your original message disappeared. I dont know where yet lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah often PJ. It’s depressing. It’s exciting to see all the kids in their costumes whether I’m at home or a friends house party. However, because it gets cold her (except last year) many parents choose to take their kids to the mall.

        Each store gives out candy. For me it’s a Canadian tradition bundling up in your snow suit, costume overtop. We always got loads of candy. I’d rather drive my kids down every couple blocks (if it was me). The cold is part of the experience and helps wear off the candy lol. But that’s just me.


  1. The snow came;
    Griefs us with —
    Scraping car windows early,
    Less sleep, horrid frost.

    As a (your) reader, Amanda, I’m really taken with this passage. It’s concise as well as artful–a stark and vivid way to (re)introduce the harshness of winter for the year. Here. it’s maybe starting to cool down from summer temps. Your poem reminds me that winter has to be on its way, too.

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    1. Thank you Christopher. I’m happy you liked this passage. I think I’ve had three or four fall themed Prompts already and I kind of had enough. You can only say so much about leaves etc,. But then I will grow sick if winter too I eventually think. Are first couple of snows have melted and today was nice but other days not so much. Happy Fall/Winter lol.


      1. I know what you mean … i lived many years of my infancy and youth in very cold climates (including Anchorage, Alaska) … the first snows were greeted by us kids as pure pleasure but the fun wore off quickly and we all celebrated when spring thaw set in 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You know Alberta might just be colder than Anchorage since it’s on the ocean, more inland you go the colder it gets … but yes we know what winter is for sure and it gets old pretty fast.

        Liked by 1 person

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