#OctPoWriMo – Day 18 – Free Verse – “Don’t Take Her I Pray” #amwriting #poetry

Day 18 Prompt: Senseless

“There’s so much going on the the world today where the word “senseless” would apply. Take a few minutes to free write about things you find to be senseless.” 



Don’t take her I pray, 

Are the words prayed in vain?

Don’t take her I say, 

We’re still young, not grey. 

Don’t take her I said, 

She’s such a light to her friends.

Don’t take her I beg;

She’s a star growing dim. 

Don’t take her I ask, 

Her absence would be a hole, pitch black. 

Don’t let her leave us, 

Tears stream and stream.

Don’t take her away, 

She has a little guy, just two. 

Don’t take her I pray, 

She’s beautiful and frail. 

Don’t take her I ask, 

Little bird, fading away. 

Don’t take her I pray, 

There is no one like her.


Don’t take her I cry, 

You’ll make her mom grey. 

Don’t take her I pray, 

Yet, I don’t want her in more pain. 

Please help her I pray, 

She needs a miracle. 

Don’t leave her I pray,

She needs you Lord–carry her.

Don’t take her I pray, 

Give  her your strength. 

Hold her so tight in your loving arms, 

Don’t let her fade, 

My cherished friend. 

Don’t take her I pray, 

She’s tired and hurting. 

Don’t take her away, 

She has a future of potential. 

Don’t take her I pray, 

Her husband loves her too much. 

Don’t take her I beg, 

Don’t let her light flicker out, 

Into the darkness –out of life. 

Don’t let go of her hand,

Don’t take her from us;

Time in life is too short. 

Don’t take her away,

Our inspiring fighter. 

Don’t take her please, Lord, 

She’s so tired of being ill.  


Don’t let her hurt Lord, 

There is too much pain in life. 

Save her from such fiery claws, I beg, 

There is too much pain within —

Cancer’s horrid grip. 

Don’t take her away, 

Don’t let her struggle be for not.

Don’t let her sparkle dim. 

Don’t take her God please, 

She’s such a beautiful soul;

Oh God keep her close. 

Let her heal and be whole, 

She prays and she reads your words, 

You’re her fervent hope. 

Don’t take her away, 

Good Lord, let her be free;

Don’t take her from life yet, 

Though she’d be at your side, 

Down here, we’ll miss her terribly. 

Only if there is no other way, 

Do I pray you for your will to take. 

Please, don’t take her away —

Leave her be well;

Healthy and free of all sickness. 

Fill our dolly with healing, 

Lord our hope, Lord our light, 

Bring her hope on wings of life. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

20 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo – Day 18 – Free Verse – “Don’t Take Her I Pray” #amwriting #poetry”

    1. Thank you Christopher. I wrote it about a week ago. My poor friend with cancer has had to go to full dose chemo, instead of the smaller doses she was doing in Mexico. Unfortunately the smaller chemo dose isn’t enough to keep the tumours from her liver. I hope she heals. I pray. But it keeps getting worse 😦 she is a Christian though so despite everything, I’m confident she has God helping her and if she . . .if the worst, then I will see her again and so will her family and many friends. Thank you again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The voice in the poem matches her situation. It’s awful. I’m sorry. Awareness of the presence of God can only help. Still, so much to go through.

        I hope you’re doing all right with everything.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Christopher.

        I’m okay, sad.

        My friend contacted me today, she’s done her initial full dose chemo session, and her immunity is low right now, so she needs to stay away from people. I decided to send her a care package — soft shawl/blanket, kobo gift card, moisturizing face masks, nail polish, lotions, and dark chocolate — all things to help her in the hospital to kill time and help her with side effects in some cases.

        She’s really crushed she is going to be bald — lose all her hair. She had enough hair for a pixie cut still, and wore her wigs over sometimes, but now no eye lashes, eye brows, that’s very hard on her. I don’t know how she stays so strong. You don’t realize how hair has such a connection to being a woman.

        Each message or post I read from my friend, I always fear. If it’s worse, I cry. I think back to when I met her about 11 or 12 years ago and can’t believe this is happening to her. She really is just one of those vibrant and effusive people you meet in life. Truly beautiful, despite the treatments thus far.

        I try to encourage her and give her hopeful Bible verses. All we can do is pray and hope. It’s a lot, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like it.
        And the day to day, you just have to go through it, she does, we do. She copes well but her family is extremely supportive.

        As for other stuff I’m okay. I’m dealing with it. Getting the right advice and finding the info I need for my disability.

        Thanks for your concern Christopher. I hope you are doing well as well. Any leads on places to teach? Are you able to do that with your heart? How are the cats/dogs ? Your teaching and friendship is always appreciated on here.

        Thank you



  1. i am lost in tears because of the pain, the agony and the love that overflow in this poem. Mandi, this is your heart. Your pure heart filled with love for your friend. I am sending prayers for her. Indeed, God is with her. ❤ *virtual hugs*

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