The Witch and the Pirate

An interesting story on a Witch and a Pirate!

hijacked amygdala

Just trying something new. Tell me what you think.

Thomas was a man made for the sea. He had black hair that was turning gray in some places and white in others and a strong chin covered by a new beard which itself was covering old scars on either side of his face.

He clambored up a pile of rocks. The forest stretched in either direction. The sun would be set in a couple of hours and the clouds were already beginning to take on a purple tinge.

Just as he was about to jump down, he saw, against the dark green, a traveller’s fire.

Within the hour, Thomas walked into a clearing at the entrance of the forest, where a barefoot woman with close cut hair sat staring into the fire and mumbling. She was pretty in the face, although her eyes were unsettling. Thomas stood looking at her…

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