Cliche Sunday….

The Meanings of Some Interesting Cliches.


… back! Apparently, I took the entire week off from this blog (although I did great with Runnerwithablog!) last week. It was an unplanned vacation, but perhaps a needed one as I am full of ideas for the coming week 🙂

Starting with clichés, of course. Being easily influenced, I am going with warfare clichés today–my husband is watching a History channel documentary on WWII at present!

show your true colors: to show who you really are. This one dates back to seafaring days, when ships often flew flags misrepresenting themselves so that they could get closer to the enemy during wartime. Maritime law stated that one must show their true flag before firing. So ships would quickly show their “true color” as soon as they were within firing range.

cold enough to freeze the brass balls off a monkey: some damn cold out. Another ship phrase, this…

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