Why Comparing Yourself to Other Writers Doesn’t Make Sense

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Apples and Oranges

by Meg Dowell

I have a favorite author. John Green is the kind of writer I would love to be. He is clever and cultured and knows his young adult audience so well you sometimes forget he’s almost 40 (sorry, John).

I admire him on a deep, creative level, as I’m sure many writers do. But that’s sort of where it ends. A long time ago, I’m sure I compared myself to other writers all the time. “I wish I could write like …” or, “I can’t believe she has so many fans.” I think we all do that, for a little while. But as a writer, at some point you realize how pointless this is. Trying to stand up and measure yourself against another writer just doesn’t make sense.

Why is comparing yourself to other writers such a waste of time?

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8 thoughts on “Why Comparing Yourself to Other Writers Doesn’t Make Sense”

    1. I’m both sad and happy for you, if you feel you need to do that its your choice. However, I also feel the blogging world is great for positive feedback and a great community in writing, not to mention a lot of genuinely helpful writing articles and interesting writers to read. Everyone has their own style etc. Its great to create a social media presence for yourself, get your work out there and to learn.
      But I don’t know your situation. Best of luck and have a great weekend 🎈

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      1. Thanks 🙂 And don’t be sad for me. Readers didn’t care about my stories anyway. If they did, they would have commented and showed more interest. I’ll still post short stories and poems to WordPress though.

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      2. Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m on there. But I have found with Wattpad, it isn’t necessarily quality writing that gets a following. Or good writing, is what I mean more. You can write any kind of novel but the writing should be authentic, even if a story is a typical romance or sci-fi novel etc….it’s hard to know. Best of luck 🙂

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