Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: “Those Cats!” 

Thanks to Nortina S for hosting Moral Monday’s one-hundred word flash fiction. This week’s prompt is: ” Always Be On Your Best Behavior.” 



Melly lived in an apartment in a senior’s lodge which included a stone terrace. She potted flowers and made an effort to make her terrace pretty.

Melly told her friend Emily: “I can’t stand those boys biking; they unearth my plants at night, when I’m trying to sleep.” 

Their friend Brett asked Melly: “Do you think it might be cats? I see those boys on their bikes and they always politely say ‘Hello’ to me.”

 Melly made a point of ignoring Brett — whom she secretly liked. She was so obnoxious and rude, he left to go sit in his apartment alone.

Melly awoke that night when she heard noises. Peering outside, she saw the boys ride by on their bikes. Then she flushed when she saw cats digging up her flowers. She mentally composed her apology to Brett. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


31 thoughts on “Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: “Those Cats!” ”

      1. Oh lol. Have you ever seen the movie ‘The Holiday’ with Jude Law, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Winslet? It’s a Christmas movie. One of my favs I watch every year. Watch it if you haven’t Ithibk you’ll enjoy. Anyways, Kate Winslet’s character trades houses with Cameron Diazes’s character. So Kate Winslet stays in this Hollywood producers mansion. She meets this old long retired movie writer/director Arthur Miller. He tells her about a meet-cute. It’s when a couple first really meet and like each other, becoming a couple. That first meeting. Like when you first meant your husband, that was your meet-cute. Sorry long explanation, but I love the term. I thought it applied to Melly because even though she knows Brett, this is the first time she will be forced to talk with him and hopefully, reveal her true feelings as well as apologize. Have a great week 🙂

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  1. Mandi, this is a cute story, you gotta love those cats! I like how this came full circle, and now Melly is going to apologize to Brett. Lovely flash fiction. Have a wonderful evening and a very creative week ahead. ~ Mia

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  2. huh the 3 strays that live near my apartment complex don’t dig up my flowers. They like to sit on my welcome mat and bask in the shade hidden by flowers. They are so cute to watch. i wonder what Melly planted to draw them–catnip maybe? It’s a cute story.

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    1. Thanks Melinda. We had a problem with stray cats in my neighbourhood. They dug up flower beds etc . We had to put pine cones down and plastic forks so they stayed out. Luckily, our neighbour caught all the mamas and kittens, found them homes. The other strays went to kitty heaven, but we get the odd ones still 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome. My neighbor captured the three strays around here and brought them to be spayed or neutered. They were too wild for adoption, so she released them. They’re scared of people so we never have a problem with them. She also found a litter and caught the kittens. They all went to good homes.

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  3. Being absolutely rude to the person you’re totally crushing on… for some reason, I feel like that’s a girl thing. My example would be Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold! 😀 Cute story, Mandi. Gotta love those darn cats!

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    1. Hehe. Thanks Nortina. Yeah some people hate to admit they’re wrong, no matter their age. I think this works though, and her apology will help her talk to Brert. Yep, those cats. Thanks


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