Photo (Collage) Prompt: Poem – Wrapped Refrain – “Home” #poetry #amwriting #fiction 

Thanks to Mind Loves Misery’s Menagerie for this week’s photo (collage) prompt.



Autumn was such a time for us, 

Love was fun, nothing dangerous.

Leaves falling deep red, orange, yellow.

Met you walking, strong and mellow. 

Attractiveness found, conversation, tokens.

Hid memories in a box, saved before broken.


Paper boats sailed on peaceful lake, 

Sitting ‘neath trees, in your arms wake.

Photographs you took of me and —

Made me laugh, giggle; life was grand.

Such times we had, you lugging your camera around, 

Pictures of us, many left, they’re here surrounding.


Photobooth, and I sat on your —

Lap; laughing again, not sorry.

Your handsome face, so dear to me, 

Making you laugh, my mission, see? 

Making faces in photos in my underwear, 

I knew I could coax out a smile, you loved me bare.


Exposed to you, negatives shot,

Our days close, even when we fought.

Knew you well, every smile and frown, 

Wish you were alive, but you drowned.

Now our time is done, my photographer, my love.

All these pictures snapped, thinking of us, our short love.


A spritz of the perfume I wore, 

The day we meant, special for —

Not forgetting you now; playing —

Songs we sang, piano keys they say, 

Through music what I could never admit alone,

Autumn was our time, in your arms laying, I was home. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

13 thoughts on “Photo (Collage) Prompt: Poem – Wrapped Refrain – “Home” #poetry #amwriting #fiction ”

    1. Haha. No. I left a link at the top of my piece: Mind Loves Misery’s Menagerie is a great site for writing prompts. From, what I’ve seen, they have different prompts each day. First time I’ve done the collage, whoever runs the prompt on the site, put it together. I like it though too 🙂


  1. It’s a favorite season of mine, personally. Though, literarily, it can be seen, if not predicted, as a time for endings. You invoke the season from the start, which I guess implies an ending in this story. And so it goes. It’s a sad story. I’m not sure how to enjoy good moments from a relationship that ends. It’s a tension maybe many of us go through. Thanks for you creative, thoughtful writing, Mandi.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I agree endings with people are very hard. I probably have experienced much less than you and others. But I suppose in this poem, her memories and the season of fall when they met, gave her both good things to remember and a sadness that follows her wherever she goes.


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