Music Friday Prompt: Poetry – Free Verse – “Silence Is A Sound.”

Thanks for the music post from Mind Loves Misery’s Menagerie. The prompt song is “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garnfunkel. Most recently, it is noted, the band Disturbed, did a wicked version of this classic.

Also thanks to The Daily Post for the prompt words MuseProfound, and Elusive.



Hello darkness you’re my muse;

A have profound “visions” in my mind,

They’re haunting me again.

Such elusive beings, wisps of vapour transforming;

I’m not sure anyone will understand,

But I strum my guitar and I hum the tune, 

A melody to haunt profoundly through the decades.

Darkness, friend or foe? 

Who would know silence has a sound?

What is the sound of silence, no one ever knows? 

If darkness is the place I most hide, 

Where the “seeds” of this “vision” keep;

Than why do I wander “streets“with “lamps . . . stabbing,” 

My eyes in the cold empty street?

How does that light touch the silence elusive

Silent isn’t a concrete thing.

It’s not physical, so how do lights hurt silence? 

How do you not notice all those “people“(thousands), 

And hear their voices while they stay silent?

How do you know what they are “hearing?”

Only they know if they’re “listening;”

And the “songs“they sing in silence –silence would mean, 

You couldn’t hear anything sung, 

Or know the “song“they theoretically, could sing.

And if no one dares “speak,” somehow I think, 

The silence still eludes them.

And if you say silence is a “cancer grow[ing];”

I’ll tell you what peace I find in it, 

When “fools” they do not “speak;”

But you ring your voice, it echoes,

And you know, no one with silence is disturbed,

So your voiceless voice like “raindrops falling,”

 Is silence never heard.

Can silence be heard or unheard?

A paradox, perhaps? 

Are you sheep to the slaughter to this “neon god;

And what “neon sign flashed” in “warning?”

If the “sign“was a god what did it warn, 

That you were all sheep being led astray? 

And who is this “prophet?”

They’re so many to speak, Elijah or Danial?

The Islamic Mohammed?

And “tenement halls” which from came “whispers,” 

They’re overcrowded apartment buildings.

Apartments with small rooms, where people —

Are stuffed, having no personal space.

Even here, is there no silence which has sound?

Wouldn’t it be a dirty place, no room to move,

To breathe, to live, — to find peace?

Yet the words of said “prophet” are, 

On the “subway” walls.

Means I think, the writings on the wall

Or referring to people stuffed into trains,

 And metros as cattle too? 

I think in the thunderous silence, 

Everyone is missing what’s coming;

And no one knows the truth or breaks the silence. 

Yet a few “whispers” I detect,

 Elusive for their sound;

And silence rings and breaks sound barriers, 

A sound which is never heard. 

But you dear listener, hear the sound profoundly clear;

And wonder yet, how silence is a sound? 


“Sound of Silence” – Disturbed 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 


16 thoughts on “Music Friday Prompt: Poetry – Free Verse – “Silence Is A Sound.””

  1. Stunning write, interweaving words from the song, the daily prompts, and the “feel” of both Simon and Garfunkel’s and Disturbs versions of the song. So many lines ring out with intense imagery. Thank you so much for participating in The Friday Music Challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. I’m pleased with what came out and am glad you like it too. I love the music prompt, a song is an interesting thing to write from, so I hope to continue. Have a great weekend 🙂


  2. wow Amanda! This is an amazing poem. You go deep and really analyze the “Sound of Silence” one my all time favorite songs. Your poem is full of dazzling lines. I can’t pick a favorite. You did an incredible job with this prompt by unpacking all the complexity and contradictions in this song. I am buying that song! I didn’t realize Disturbed had come out with a new album. Clearly I work too much! I am losing touch with my fav bands.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Melinda. I thought a lot about the piece before I wrote it and am happy you like the end result. Yes the Disturbed version is pretty awesome, he has that low growly Rock voice and it really gives the song a different sound than the original.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love disturbed. Your poem was so awesome, it–no you–inspired me. I wrote my own version, ‘In Silence, I Rage’ from Sarn’s POV. 🙂
        It’s a powerful piece and I am so grateful to you for inspiring it 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Christopher. It’s a song I’ve always been fascinating with. I googled for answers, and it seems no one really knows what this song means, not even Simon and Garfunkel themselves, though it took time to become a popular song. I guess like a poem, you can search through it for meaning.


    1. Thank you JR. I think I felt the same when I first heard it, but the Disturbed version has grown on me as well. Like hearing another person’s viewpoint on the same subject (the song). Both are unique takes 🙂 Have a great week 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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